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Palm - Failure Case

ENTR 200

Zachary Mirsberger

on 9 September 2011

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Transcript of Palm - Failure Case

Who are they? 1996 Pilot The original Palm Pilot defied conventional
wisdom when it was introduced in 1996, but it became
the world's most personal embodiment of technology,
sparking the mobile-computing revolution.
In 1999, the Palm V charmed the gadget geeks and won over the trendsetters with its iconic status-symbol style, making it the tipping point for mainstream market adoption.
1999 V The Treo phone effectively created the smartphone
market by combining a compact mobile phone with email,
an organizer, messaging and web access—allowing users to organize and simplify their business and personal
lives all in one place.
2002 Treo Most Important Achievements 2007 The Centro™ phone brings things like mobile email, IM and the web into Palm's smallest, lightest form factor at a price point that makes typically high-end phone features and functionality accessible to a broader, younger market.

Centro 2009 Palm Pre is the first phone built on the groundbreaking
Palm webOS platform, which brings the information in your
life together from the many places it resides and lets you
move effortlessly through it.
Pre What went wrong? Controlled the PDA market Fell behind as smartphones
became popular in early 2000s introduced smartphones of their own (Treo),
but couldn't regain market share Stuck to what they had done in the past with little
change Struggled to keep up as competitors
rolled out new products Build up to Palm Pre Company advertised excessively
to try to stir interest Good Marketing (not made by Palm) What's in Palm's future? the future of Palm is up for grabs... 1. Continue to bleed cash Entrepreneurship 200 2000 Palm should have... adapted to changing customer desires

not been content to just stick with what worked in the past > Market smartphones to their PDA customer base > Always need to be innovating Palm's Options 1. Continue to bleed cash

2. Rebrand company to fill a niche

3. Sell company
Palm is doing this now Tried desperately with the Palm Pre and Centro Company has $590 million in cash, only $392 in debts
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