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Information Resource Managment

IRM Roles and Responsibilities Overseas

Matthew Michaud

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Information Resource Managment

Department of State
Information Resource Management

IT Leadership
Mobile - "Mobile Diplomat
Foreign Affairs Network (FAN)

Cyber Security
Post Policies
Mission Strategic Plans
Roles & Responsibilities at Post
Foreign Affairs Handbook (FAH)
Foreign Affairs
Manual (FAM)
Dept. Policies
“The mission of Bureau of Information Management (IRM) is to provide the Information Technology (IT) backbone and infrastructure services to support State’s mission requirements and to provide IT leadership and innovation to inspire excellence in all IT initiatives. IRM’s services support all bureaus and posts worldwide, including other agencies operating overseas…..IRM’s activities have become critical to the Department’s mission.”
IRM Strategic Plan
FY 2014 - FY2016
IRM Roles and Responsibilities Overseas
Network (Classnet, Opennet, DIN, Consular)
Cyber Security/Information Assurance
Management of 4 core functions/Services:
Technologist - providing solutions and results for Mission and Department objectives
Be a Technologist for your Post/Mission...!
What is a technologist? -- A. You are...

So, what does that mean?

We are technology service providers:
Customer service: Solutions and Results
Build relationships (Inter-Office/Agency, etc)
Public outreach (PD, Volunteerism, etc.)
Provide value through innovation and emerging technologies to support Department goals.
Do not hide in the Vault - Get out from the vault...!

* ALWAYS Find a way - to get to YES (within our governance boundaries)
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