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patrick ignacio

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of health


Blood Vessels
Blood The Heart works as a pump that sends your blood through a series of tubes, as it circulates through, it picks up oxygen from the lungs, nutrients from the small intestine, and hormones from Endocrine glands. The blood also carries waste to lungs and kidney so they can get out of the body. Angina: rest, medications such as nitroglycerin, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, coronary artery bypass surgery Atherosclerosis: coronary angioplasty, coronaty artery bypass surgery, peripheral vascular bypass surgery. Sicknesses Stroke: thrombolytics, tissue plasminogen activator, MERCI retriveral system, peneumbra system Heart attack: a series of clot busting medication Coronary artery disease: Pharmaceutical therapy, Bypass surgery. Fun Facts the sound of a heart beat is really the sound of the heart valves closing as blood is pushed through the heart chambers. chocolate has Antioxidants that can actually improve the Cardiovascular system If you add all the blood vessels together it would reach up to 60,000 miles! In an adult body there is 5.3 pints of blood How the system works together? The main components of the human cardiovascular system are the heart and the blood vessels, It includes the pulmonary circulation, a loop through the lungs where the blood is oxygenated How to keep the cardiovascular system healthy! Avoid bad foods
No processed foods
No food high in saturated fats
Avoid smoking and other drugs
Cut down on stress
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