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juan david mejia martinez

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

the definite article
The article “the” is used before a noun when we want to refer to a particular or definite person, place or thing. Therefore, “the” is called the define article.
1. With singular, plural or uncountable nouns when the listener can identify the thing or person.
Example: The apples you bought yesterday are delicious.
rulers of use
2. When a singular noun is meant to represent a whole class

Example: The cat is a pet animal
3. We use “the” before nouns that name only one thing of its kind.
Exm: The world, the future, the internet, the universe, the sun, the environment.
4. We use “the” before a proper noun when
it is qualified by an adjective
Exm: The Great Caesar. The Immortal Shakespeare
5. We use “the” before superlatives.

Exm: -This is the best idea you had a long time.
-The silk dress is the most expensive one.
-Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
6. We use “the” before ordinal
Example: The second house
7. When we talk about something for the second time.
Exm: I saw a man and a dog. The dog barked (We refer back to the same dog)
8. We use “the” before names of mountain ranges, rivers, deserts, oceans, seas and general geographic directions.
Exm: the Himalayans, the Nile, the pacific, the Atlantic, the North, the South, the Sahara.
9. We use “the” before the names of countries which include Republic, Kingdom and United
Exm: The United States of America
10. We use “the” before the names of musical instruments.
Exm: The piano, the guitar, the violin.
11. We use “the” with time periods.
Exm: The twentieth century, the Middle Ages, the 80s.
12. We use “the” before the names of holy and famous books and newspapers
The Holy Bible, the Holy Quran, The Holy Torah,
The Diary of a Young Girl. The Cronica.
13. We use “the” with famous buildings
and places

Exm: The White house, The Taj Mahal,
the Sydney Opera House.
14. We use “the” with directions

Exm:the house on the left. the top
of the page

When Not To Use
The Definite Article
1. first...
With some singular nouns referring to institutions
Exm: School, college, church, university, hospital, work, prison.
2. second...
With most countries.
Exm: She is from Brazil, but he is from Colombia
3. Third...
With uncountable nouns in plural
Exm: Love is more important than money
4. Fourth...
With some nouns before to “to”, “at” and “from”
Exm: She is not at home today
5. Fifth...
With meals
Exm: Tim usually eats a sandwich for lunch
6. Sixth...
With seasons and special times of the year
Example: I prefer summer to winter
7. Seventh...
With the names of months and days of the week
Exm: My birthday is in June. We have a meeting on Friday
8. Eighth...
With towns, cities, continents, lakes and mountains.

Exm: Calima lake is in the department of Valle del Cauca.
Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
9. Ninth...
With languages and school subjects
Exm:She speaks Italian and French. I would like to learn Japanese. My favorite subject at school was Art but I hated Maths.
10. Tenth...
With play+sports /game and by+ transport
Exm: We usually go to work by car but sometimes we go by bus.
Before of “next” and “last” after days, weeks.
Exm: See you next Thursday
Presentation by:
Cristian Mejía H
Jenny Arroyave M
Johana Gomez
Marieth Vanegas C
Juan David Mejía M
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