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BYOT in Forsyth County - Tech Forum Atlanta, Mar. 3, 2012

Bring Your Own Technology - South Forsyth High School, Forsyth Co, GA

Jeff White

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of BYOT in Forsyth County - Tech Forum Atlanta, Mar. 3, 2012

34,500 students in 35 schools Policy Change Philosophical Change Instructional Adaptation Educational Acceptance 37,000 Students WHY BYOT? TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OF FCSS ActivBoards in
every classroom Desktop computers Laptop computers Student response
systems South Forsyth
High School TIMELINE OF ADOPTION WHERE TO NEXT? Promote real-world,
project-based learning Anytime, Anywhere Extend the school day Embrace the change Provide access Saturate the classroom Leverage student-owned devices Web-based and
open-source tools 4,200 Full-time Employees 9th largest GA school district 35 Schools 19 Elementary
Schools 9 Middle Schools One of the fastest growing counties in the US Population of 175,000 1,850 Students 120 Staff International Baccalaureate Advanced Placement Career / Tech 5 High Schools Document Cameras Digital Microscopes Gigabit network Wireless connectivity Citrix Network Gateway Innovation Gadgets Implementation Tools march 2009 County office staff meet with teachers to discuss technology "wish list" 6 SFHS teachers begin testing BYOT with support from CO staff august 2010 BYOT implementation option offered to faculty
SFHS and BCES Administrative policies change to remove some barriers 2007-2009 County technology personnel begin looking at BYOT implementation Wireless network fully established Increasing Faculty Investment Moving to the Cloud Professional Development Peer Training and Collaboration Exploration of technology options Instructional Practices august 2011 development of resources Continued implementation training trailblazing showcasing Increased Integration What we're wrestling with:
Students and Teachers on BYOT Network
Increased need for devices
Cute-to-use to Can't-do-without Big Creek
Elementary School 607 Students 46 Staff
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