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Minecraft Speech

No description

Amanda Huddleston

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft Speech

Surviving the First Night By: Amanda Huddleston What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a video game based on surviving in a world with only the supplies you can find. Monsters come out at night, so you need to be careful! Where is Minecraft available? PC: $26.95 (minecraft.net)
Xbox: 1600 points ($20) (Xbox Marketplace)
iOS/Android: $6.99 (app stores) Controls: (They are customizable, but these are the defaults) Move Around: W, A, S, D
Jump: Spacebar
Look Around: Mouse
Crouch: Shift
Destroy Block/Use Tool: Left-Click
Lay Block: Right-Click
Drop Block: Q
Quick Menu: 1-9 Dangers of the night: Step 2: Cut down a tree Step 3: Make a Crafting Table Step 4: Make tools Step 5: Making
a Shelter Step 1: Start a World To continue: A Few Examples
Find other resources More Crafting Achievements Have Fun! Iron Coal Improve shelter Goodbye.
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