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7 Principles of Personalized Learning

No description

Danielle Evangelista

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of 7 Principles of Personalized Learning

Just in Time Direct Instruction
Giving Feedback BEFORE, DURING and AFTER Small Group
Flexible Small Groups
Less Lecture - More Understanding
Various Programs to Address Student Needs
Mastery Based Assessment
Students Drive the Curriculum
Competency Based Learning
Common Formative Assessments

7 Principles of
Personalized Learning

Writer's Workshop
Blended Learning
Student Rotations
Inquiry-Based Classrooms
Student Reflection
Student Collaboration
Maker Spaces
Tabor Rotations
Varied Learning Strategies
Student Choice and Voice
Student Conferences
Activating Prior Knowledge
Differentiation - Learning Menus
Use of Multiple Intelligences
Planning for the Diverse Learner
Flexible Classrooms/Groups
Small Group Work
Genius Hour
Demonstrating Mastery
Assessment Choice
Multiple Ways to Show Understanding
Use of Technology or Traditional Tools
Games for Assessment
Deeper Learning and Understanding
Flexible Pacing
Genius Hour
Differentiated Learning
Tasks for Early Finishers
Co-Planning Learning
School and Home Communication
Student-Centered Learning
Goal Setting
Students Demonstrate Mastery
Personalized Learning Focus
Co-Planning Learning
Varied Learning Strategies
Choice and Voice
Northwood's Vision
A school of global thinkers who connect learning with future success

Personalized Learning will Help Us Realize This By...
Helping students understand a global perspective through self-driven learning

...and Personalized Learning will Help Our Students...
Self-monitor and set goals while they are connecting to a global society
"I was impressed that Kindergarten designed a playground. My daughter talked about it more than anything so far this year. She was truly excited to come to school that day. I wish she was this interested all the time."
--Northwood Parent
"I enjoy it when we are able to talk to our classmates about the information in small groups. It helps me make pictures of the information in my head."
--Northwood Student
"In my class our teacher answers our questions right away. I have never been in a class like this. It makes me feel comfortable if I do not understand because I know she will help me right away."
--Northwood Student
"I would like to see students taking ownership in what they are learning. It would be nice if they were a part of the of the planning process and not handed activities."
--Northwood Parent
When thinking about what teachers need so Choice and Voice can be best implemented..."We as teachers need interactive professional development to see what personalized learning looks like in the classroom."
--Northwood Teacher
"We want our students to reach their potential and get exactly what they need."
--Northwood Teacher
"Sometimes activities make the day drag on forever. I would like a fun way to show I know this information."
--Northwood Student
"Technology can help push students at their own level"
--Northwood Teacher
"We would like teachers to have the capability to pay attention to the individual child."
--Northwood Parent
Personalization at Northwood
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