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The Pearl Plot

No description

Alyssa Reid

on 17 October 2011

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Transcript of The Pearl Plot

"The Pearl" Plot The plot of The Pearl Alyssa Reid
English-Mrs. Inouye
Purple team
Pd. 3 Exposition Rising Action Climax Denounment Falling Action The story is about a fisherman named Kino and his family and it takes place in La Paz, Mexico around the 1900's in a village of Indians living in brush houses. Kino and Juana's son Coyotito, gets stung by a scorpion and Juana decides that they should ask for help from the docter. When they go to ask the doctor for his assistance he says no, and Kino punches the gate to show his anger and frustration. Then both Juana and Kino go to the beach to get their canoe so they could find a valuable pearl that the doctor would accept to help Coyotito with his wound. Kino hears the cry of death and knows that Coyotito's head got shot off by one of the tracker's riffle. Juana uses a seaweed wrap to try to heal Coyotito's scorpion sting. Kino dives from his canoe into the ocean and finds the pearl of the world.Then the town finds out and becomes filled with greed. Juana and Kino go back to La Paz walking side by side through the town as Juana carries their dead child wrapped in cloth on her back. The Doctor changes his mind about helping Kino's child, but instead of helping Coyotito he makes him more sick just so he could get money from kino. Kino throws the pearl back in the where he found it from and watches it as it slowly dissappears from his sight. Kino wants to sell the pearl so he can get 500,000 pesos. When he sees the 3 dealers they only offered 1,000 pesos for the pearl. So Kino doesn't take their offer because he feels that he is being cheated and decides he will go to the bank himself to get the money that the pearl is actually worth. Juana tells Kino that she thinks that the pearl is a curse and it might destroy him and his son. So Juana decides to take the pearl and try to throw it back where it came from but Kino finds out what she is trying to do and beats her up at the beach. Then while he tries to go back home he gets jumped by a shadow figure and kills the person so he wouldn't get his pearl stolen from him, but ends up losing it in the alley. Then Juana comes to pull the dead body to the side to hide it and helps Kino back to their brush house. Then when they get back home she cleans him up and gives Kino back his pearl. They both find out later on the next day that their house had been burned down so they go to see Kino's brother for help. Then Kino, Juana and Coyotito travel up North so they could sell the pearl there, but they find out that they are being followed by trackers. Kino decides that Juana and the baby should hide in a shallow cave while he goes to get rid of the trackers. While Kino goes to get rid of the trackers, they awaken from their sleep because Coyotito was crying but the trackers thought it was a coyote so he just shot his riffle randomly and then Kino killed all three of them but the last one he shot the tracker in between the eyes. Cites used to get pictures:
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