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American Horror Story.

No description

Bria Lusk

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story.
Season 2.
Season 2 is called 'American Horror Story: Asylum. That season takes place at the Briarcliff Mental Institution. In this season, Kit Walker (Evan Peters. Tate from season one.) goes "insane" and gets sent to the mental asylum. Rather than the people helping the insane, they just torture them.
Season 3.
Season 3 comes out October 9th. It's about a girl named Zoe and she possesses a strange genetic affliction tracing back to the dark days of Salem. Then she is taken to Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, a school for girls that is devoted to safeguarding the few remaining descendants who share this unique bloodline, there to teach protection to the young.
Thank you for looking at my powerpoint, it took about two/three weeks to do this, so yeah. Thanks for reading!
Season 1.
In season one of American Horror Story, you get introduced to the Harmon family. They move to a new house, but what they don't know is that that house had many people live in it, and all of them had died. They are haunted by all the spirits that were killed in that house.
That is the house (Murder House.)
Tate Langdon.
In season one of American Horror Story, you get introduced to Tate Langdon. He is 17 years old. Most of his style is inspired by Kurt Cobain or any other grunge like styles.
Violet Harmon is the daughter of Vivien and Ben Harmon. She is 17 years old. She's dating Tate Langdon. She also has a pet dog named Hallie.
Violet Harmon.
Oliver Thredson.
Oliver Thredson is a psychologist and is "helping" Kit Walker confess to being Bloodyface and killing the women that he killed, but actually, Oliver Thredson was Bloodyface and was trying to get Kit Walker to confess and take the blame.
Vivien and Ben Harmon.
Vivien Harmon is the mother of Violet Harmon and the wife of Ben Harmon. She is the one who decided t0 move to the Murder House. Ben Harmon is the father of Violet Harmon and the husband of Vivien Harmon.
Lana Winters.
Lana Winters is a reporter, but she is taken into the asylum for trespassing and is kept there until Oliver Thredson takes her out. But he isn't taking her out to help her, he's taking her out to kill her.
Kit Walker.
Kit Walker is the suspected Bloodyface. He was put into the asylum for the "crime" he commited, and seen as "insane" because he was abducted by aliens. Later in the season it proves that he actually was abducted by aliens. He's only abducted when he's near dead and the aliens sort of bring him to life.
Sister Jude.
Sister Jude is the main nun that works in the asylum. She's very stern and controling. She's in charge of of administration and discipline at Briarcliff Manor.
Grace Bertrand.
Grace is a patient in the asylum and is in love with Kit Walker. She was born in Frace but moved to America. She has blue eyes and almost shoulder length hair.
Cordelia Foxx and Fiona Goode.
Cordelia Foxx and Fiona Goode are mother and daughter. Fiona is Cordelia's mother. They are both witches, but Fiona Goode is the main witch, or the Superior. Cordelia doesn't want her mother to teach the young witches.
Cordelia Foxx.
Fiona Goode.
Zoe Benson.
Zoe Benson is Zoe can cause death to people. She makes people bleed from their nose, ears and eyes. She looks about 17 or 16, and she was admitted to the boarding school from accidentally causing her boyfriend to die.
Kyle Spencer and the main witches.
Kyle is a boy in college who meets Zoe at a party and falls in love with her. The main witches are a group of three witches. Madison Montgomery, Queenie, and Nan. Madison can do ■Telekinesis. Queenie is a human voodoo doll, she can inflict pain on others through herself and she isn't effected by it, only the person getting it done to them. Nan has ■clairvoyance, ■knowledge of past events, and can ■hear thoughts of individuals both living and dead.
Misty Day.
Misty Day is a witch that has gone "missing". She's known to be able to bring animals or other souls back to life. Not much is known about her yet. She isn't actually missing, but she doesn't have a coven to call her own, she just spends her days wandering the swamps and listening to Stevie Nicks.
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