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Welcome to English 9

Introduction to English 9 course syllabus and class rules.

Stephanie Richardson

on 16 August 2011

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Transcript of Welcome to English 9

Welcome to English 9 Grading Stuff We'll Talk About Stuff You Need: A quick examination of the course syllabus Conclusion This class has the potential to be awesome. Don't cause problems and mess up the fun for everyone.

Welcome to High School! Narrative Structure (Storytelling) 1 inch 3-ring binder
5 tab dividers
loose leaf paper (college-ruled)
2 composition notebooks
pens (black or blue ink)
#2 pencils
highlighter TEST

SEMESTER FINAL Characters and Point of View Setting, Mood, and Imagery Theme and Symbol Poetry History and Culture Mr. Shakespeare Persuasive and Research Writing Greek Mythology and more! 50%

20% Attendance and Tardies You have to show up to class.
You can't pass unless you show up.
Not to mention that they're kind of strict about absences around here. Oh, and tardies make me crazy.
You have to be IN YOUR SEAT AND WORKING when the bell rings. Period. If you aren't, you have to sign the tardy sheet.
How embarassing... Classroom Rules 1. Come to class prepared!
2. Be in your seat and working when the bell rings.
3. When asked to be quiet, do so immediately.
4. Return all borrowed property to the lender.
5. Follow all rules in the student handbook.

**Students are required to respect other people at all times in this classroom.** Consequences POSITIVE CONSEQUENCES
 Praise
 Positive Feedback Sent Home
 Homework Passes
 Extra Bathroom Passes
 Extra Fun Activities in Class NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES
 Verbal Warnings
 Action Plan
 Action Plan with Parent Signature
 A Visit with Mr. Simpson or Mr. Hatton
 Phone Calls, Emails, & Notes Home
 Parent Conferences If You CHOOSE to Follow a Rule.... If You CHOOSE to Break a Rule... “We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.”
- Kahlil Gibran “Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.”
- Shaquille O’Neal “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
- J.K. Rowling Class Procedures As Soon as You Walk Through the Door... If You Are Tardy... When You Turn in Homework... If Your Attention is Needed... If You Need to Use the Restroom... If You Have Been Absent... When You Need a Pencil or Paper... If You Finish Your Work Early... Before You Leave the Class for the Day... - You will turn in your homework at the desk in front of the classroom (see “When You Turn in Homework…”).
- You will get your Bell Ringer journal from the appropriate crate in the front of the classroom and then you will go to your ASSIGNED seat.
- You will find a Bell Ringer either on the board or there will be something on your desk. Please work on the Bell Ringer immediately. You will not have time later to make up the Bell Ringer work.
- You will continue working on the Bell Ringer until approximately 3-5 minutes after the bell has rung. You will be told when to put your Bell Ringer journal back in the crate. - Sign the tardy sheet hanging on the bulletin board as soon as you walk in.
- If you have a note, turn this in to Mrs. Richardson immediately.
- Quietly go to your seat and pick-up where the class is.
- It is not necessary to make a scene if you are tardy. - There will be 6 folders (blue for general, green for honors) on the desk in front of the classroom. All homework must be turned in the appropriate folder. Find your class period’s folder and put your homework inside.
- Homework must be headed properly at risk of losing points.
- Homework will almost always be turned in at the beginning of class. You must turn this homework in before the bell rings. - If Mrs. Richardson needs the class’s attention, she may ask you to quiet down or say, “Take a knee.”
- You will stop whatever you are doing and quietly look up at Mrs. Richardson for information. - You will be given three bathroom/drink/locker tickets each quarter.
- Open your bluebook to the day’s date and bring the bluebook and a ticket to Mrs. Richardson for a signature.
- Each ticket is worth 5 points of extra homework credit at the end of the quarter.
- Please note that Mrs. Richardson may turn down your request to use a ticket (especially during a quiz, test, etc.) - Check the appropriate folder hanging on the bulletin board for missed worksheets, etc. Just because the folder may be empty does not mean that you didn’t miss anything. Check with another student.
- You are responsible for getting your missed work from the folder and for getting instructions from another student.
- Don’t forget to copy any missed notes from another student.
- Turn in any late work with a pink LATE HOMEWORK slip stapled to it. You can find this on the desk in front of the classroom. (See syllabus for late work policies.) - There is paper available for your use at the desk up front. However, if you are using a great deal of paper, you may be charged for it. It is best to only use the class supply of paper in an emergency rather than daily.
- There are pencils and pens for you to borrow or purchase. You may purchase a pencil or pen for 10¢. You may borrow a pencil or pen, but you must turn in collateral (your cell phone, your wallet, your bluebook, etc.). You can only get your collateral item back at the end of the class period in exchange for the return of the borrowed pencil or pen.
- Please note that constant need of supplies means you are breaking the first class rule and there will be negative consequences for this. - Please do one of the following:
1. Work on your Vocab workbook.
2. Get caught up on any missed Bell Ringer work.
3. Write in your Writer’s Journal.
4. Read! - The bell does not dismiss you from class.
- Mrs. Richardson will dismiss you from class.
- You may not line up at the door or leave before I dismiss you.
- Check your area to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. Pick up any trash around your desk and throw it away on your way out the door.
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