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People of the Civil War

No description

Jerry Lotz

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of People of the Civil War

People of the civil war John Mosby "The Gray Ghost" General Winfield Scott General Oliver Howard General Oliver Howerd was a Union General and he lost his right arm in action. He fought in the battle of Chancellorvile and the battle of Gettysburg.
He was a confederate general and called the gray ghost because his army would blend in with farmers and civilians. He joined the army in 1808. He was the Unions most honered soldier. He died in 1866. He stayed with the Union even though he lived in Virginia. Raphael Semmes "Pirate Semmes" He was a Confederate Admiral and had a nickname of Pirate Semmes. He attacked Union merchant ships. Also he lived in England after the war. John Ericsson He was a inventor that made the ironclads. He made the plans for the Union. The first ironclad was called the Marrimack. He was born in July 31, 1803
Långbanshyttan, Värmland, and died in Mrach 8th in New York. By: Jerry Lotz General Beauregard He led the maine confederate army in the battle of Bull Run. Most of his prewar exprience were engineering project not combat. His first success was capturing Fort Sumter. Michael Corcoran He was the Union General that fought in the battle of Bull Run. He was captured in this battle and was later exchanged for captured confederate troops. After this he was promoted to Brigader General. george Meade He was the Union General in the battle of Gettysburg. He had 93,000 men. 19,000 were injured or missing. He was born in Spain and died in Pennsylvania. Done Done fvopOQGREGRGWGSAG DJDM Done
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