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Healthy Living and Stress Management TRiO Day 2013

2013 TRiO (Pre-Collegiate) Student Conference Dillard University February 23, 2013 9am-1pm

Daniel Pate

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Living and Stress Management TRiO Day 2013

Soul food A mind is a ___________ _______________ ___ ______ . Mind food Body food You are what you eat. Build good habits! Whatever you do EVERYDAY, it should be GREAT, NOT just OK. How I'm Living:
Managing Stress and Healthy Living
Mr. D. Pate Soul food is anything that you do that makes your inner person feel good. This is NOT Lenny's daughter. Almost time for some good eats. Church
Shrine Going for a jog (daily) ! Enjoying a bike ride! Chatting on the phone. How did you get this number? Oh my God! Karen I have
so much to tell you
about Jessica! What are these people doing? Multi-taskers ! Any sleep walkers? What excites your brain? Reading a good book
Eating foods high in antioxidants,Vitamins B, B6, B12, C, & D
Omega -3 Any questions? Unfortunately, video games aren't good sources of mind foods. Only REAL mind control games are great for your brains. Carnivore
Vegan Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Eat more fruits and veggies. The Krispy Kreme Marathon We used to use this, but.... Make sure you can work out what you eat! Some eat TO feel good. Others eat AND feel good. -Type A's flourish on a vegetarian diet - if you are accustomed to eating meat, you will lose weight and have more energy once you eliminate the toxic foods from your diet. Many people find it difficult to move away from the typical meat and potato fare to soy proteins, grains and vegetables. But it is particularly important for sensitive Type As to eat their foods in as natural a state as possible: pure, fresh and organic. "I can't emphasize enough how this critical dietary adjustment can be to the sensitive immune system of Type A. With this diet you can supercharge your immune system and potentially short circuit the development of life threatening diseases." http://www.dadamo.com/bloodtype_A.htm Keep in mind that we all DON’T grow the same. 4 B's.
Be ______ Bathing Beauty Maintenance
Brushing Remember that there are millions of haters out there. So YOU gotta love YOU 1st! Be aware, comfy, daring, healthy, joyous, etc. Clothes
Weave Looking good is ______________ _________! 10-20 min.
3-4 times (or more) per week In closing... Then you have folks who just eat a lot to burn A LOT MORE calories. 1)Food Inc.
2)Food Fight
3)Dirt! The Movie
5)Killer at Large
6)King Corn
7)Super Size Me
8)The Garden
9)The Future of Food Food Documentaries Eat to live. DON'T live to eat. Unless you're one of these people. Balance diet and exercise. What makes your soul feel good? Manage your stress! om shanti om (peace for all mankind) Wooosaahhhhh!! happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts... Relax. Relate. Release. Go to your happy place. When all else fails...let it be. Sing your favorite song.
(OUT LOUD!!) Ooooommmmmm! Find your inner peace. Find your inner peace. So many good choices. Weight related health problems:
High blood pressure
High cholesterol 4 B's.
Be ______
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