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Wishing - unreal present and past

Make wishes about present and past to practice using wish+ Past Simple / wish + Past Perfect / wish + would.

Lesson Plans Digger

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of Wishing - unreal present and past

Wishing - unreal present and past
What is she thinking about last night?
What is she thinking?
Is she happy about her present situation?
I wish I wasn't getting married to
THIS guy...

What is he thinking?
What are they thinking ?
What is the girl thinking?
Making wishes about the present

wish + ......................
if only + ...................
Making wishes about the past

wish + ..............
if only + ................
Making wishes about somebody else's behaviour or actions

wish + ................
if only + ...............

If only I was marrying Brad Pitt!
I wish my dress wasn't so tight, I can't breathe!
I wish I had started working on this presentation yesterday!
I wish I hadn't spent all day yesterday watching Youtube videos of cats playing the piano!
If only I had accepted John's help when he offered two days ago!
I wish she would stop yelling at me!
If only she would just leave me alone!
I wish she would understand me!
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