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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc Epsilon Rho Zeta Youth Groups

michelle mack-williams

on 9 September 2012

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Transcript of YA

Youth Auxiliary Information Session Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
History Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated was organized at Howard University on January 16, 1920.
It was organized as a result of encouragement given to five ladies by the members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Because of this, Zetas and Sigmas became the first official Greek- lettered sister and brother organization. To this day, we are the only sister and brother organization.
Our five founders are known as the Five Pearls Arizona Cleaver
Myrtle Tyler
Viola Tyler
Pearl A. Neal
Fannie Pettie Five Founders, Five Pearls Epsilon Rho Zeta chapter was chartered in 1955. In 1962, the chapter organized the Zeta Amicae of Wilmington, and the New Castle County Stork's Nest opened its doors in 2002 . In an effort to further community outreach efforts, Zeta CAN! – The Zeta Community Action Network was born, and in 2006, the Katherine B. Ross Scholarship was added to the chapter’s education portfolio. The chapter has given un-totaled hours of voluntary service to educate the public, assist youth, provide scholarships, support organized charities, and promote legislation for social and civic change. Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter History Epsilon Rho Zeta's youth auxiliary was formed in September of 2000 under the leadership of Chapter President, Soror Linda Amos. The youth auxiliary was revitalized in 2007 under the leadership of Ms. Vonetta Pierce where the youth auxiliary program began to increase greatly in scope and membership. EPZ Youth Auxiliary History Scholarship
Sisterly Love
Finer Womanhood Our Principles High self-esteem is the foundation for positive future

Subscribe Video Pearlettes – ages 4 to 8

Amicettes – ages 9 to 13

Archonettes – ages 14 to 18 Auxiliary Groups Youth Auxiliary Advisers ARCHONETTE ADVISOR
-Danielle T. Brown
-Janice Johnson
-Dajanae Wilson Moss

-Francine Brooks
-Rosa Howze
-Carolyn Dozier
-Georgia Hicks Brown

-Jayme Govens
-Jovita Minor Community Service
Basket Brigade
Macy’s Believe
UNICEF Gift-wrap
Food Bank, Relay For
Self Esteem
Etiquette & Professional Dress
Healthy Relationships
Social Networking
- Social
Skate Party
Hay Ride
Mall Mania Program Highlights Application and Fee: $25
Will receive handbook and t-shirt
Meeting second Sunday of the month from 2:30-4:00 PM
Meetings: Academics, Goal-setting, Workshop, Service/Community
Must bring handbook to every meeting
Must wear t-shirt to every event
May not miss more than 2 meetings (must have prior notification)
May not miss more than one service project (prior notification)
Induction: Sunday, Sept 30, 2012 3:00 PM
Will receive our tentative calendar (Sept to June), t-shirt & handbook
Will receive information on our first fundraiser Program Logistics Program Calendar Thank You Question & Answer Youth Auxiliary of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc-Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter The Capstone Program of the Youth Auxiliary

is a comprehensive mentoring program, that focuses on etiquette, community service, and college preparation.

each Debutante is assigned a R.O.Y.A.L mentor
culminates in an elegant “coming of age affair” featuring dining and dancing, where debutantes are formally presented to the community
The ROYAL Miss Blue Revue To provide:
An opportunity to engage in educational, leadership and personal growth activities
Entertaining activities that promote
community involvement
 Demonstrate their growth as a result of their involvement in the R.O.Y.A.L program
  Blue Program Benefit College Readiness Workshop–a seminar that explores ways to afford college
Etiquette and Professional Attire Workshop- a seminar that is designed to give adolescents the social skills necessary to help them mature into confident and self-assured adults;
Healthy Relationships Workshop- a seminar designed with major elements of: respect, trust, mutual intimacy, caring and empathy, communication, self-awareness/self-worth and social media;
Financial Literacy Workshop - a seminar in which the debutante learns the basics of personal finances such as opening a bank account and budgeting.
Self Esteem Workshop- a seminar that focuses on positive body image and self esteem Features dining and dancing
Senior and rising senior
debutantes will be presented
Each participant is required to
pay or fundraise a yearly
program fee Features dining and dancing
Senior and rising senior
debutantes will be presented
Each participant is required to
pay or fund raise a yearly
program fee Debutante Ball 5 Part Workshop Series
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