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Avatar: TLA

No description

Alex Swaim

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Avatar: TLA

Three seasons of Avatar
One season (and counting) of Korra
Live action movie
Video Games
'Welcome to Republic City' Properties in the
Avatar: TLA Universe 61 Episodes over 3 seasons Avatar: The Last Airbender It was bad. The Movie :( Some follow the show... Games Comics in Nick Magazine
Compiled as "The Lost Adventures"
Some are side-stories,
others bridge episodes Comics Centered around going to north pole so Aang can find a waterbending teacher. Book 1: Fire Zuko is obsessed with trying to capture Aang to restore his honor. Establishes important themes: Honor, Duty, Balance Book 2: Earth About finding Aang an Earthbending teacher. It's also about preparing an invasion of the Fire Kingdom - and the fall of the Earth Kingdom. Introduces Princess Azula and the Dangerous Ladies. Book 3: Fire The Gaang infiltrates the Fire Nation to prepare for the eclipse. The invasion fails. Aang must choose between killing Fire Lord Ozai or letting the world burn. Aang chooses his own path, learns to take away bending. ... some are non-cannon side stories... ... some expand the universe... ... and there was also a TCG. The Promise (3 parts)
The Search (? parts)
Bridges Avatar and Korra 12 Episodes and counting The Legend of Korra New Avatar, the world has changed.
Korra must live up to Aang's legacy and solve the problems of the new world. When the fandom gets angry for not getting their way. Shipping Web-based, explorable version of Republic City Welcome to Republic City http://www.nick.com/games/legend-of-korra-welcome-to-republic-city.html Chibis
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