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TAMU SW Advantage Presentation 2016

Southwestern Advantage Informational Presentation for Texas A&M 2016

Drew Williams

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of TAMU SW Advantage Presentation 2016

Two Questions:
Do you meet the initial qualifications?
Do you want to hear more?

Communication Skills
College Credit
The Products
How the Money Works
How It All Works
What's the Catch?
What we look for in students:
Ben Goodman
Austin Souders
Drew Williams
Jordan Chappell
Monica Deleon
Anna Eppinette
The Way We Do Business
Law of Averages


Family of Companies
120,000 Living Today
Rick Perry '72
Greg Pappas '72
Norm Clark '70
Jay Schumacher '94
Mike A. Myers
Ken Starr
Max Lucado
Bruce Henderson
Jon Yarbrough
Marsha Blackburn
Ronnie Musgrove
Fuller Warren
Chip Gaines
Bill Fagerbakke
Larry Wilmore

Debt Free
Average Student Makes Over
"What stories you have to tell that prove
you learned something or you grew."
#1 Thing That College Students Lack...
3,000 Families | All Different Backgrounds
Average family spends:

How many buy?

Our commission:

If 2 customers/day:

If 1/2 of customers get web membership:
? / 30
2 x 72(days) x $150 x 40%=

72 x 50% x $19.95 x 40%=
150 Years of:
Sales School: #1 in Undergraduate Sales Training
Credibility | Networking | Service
"It's a Numbers Game"
Top First Year: 2014
Top First Year: 2013
Top First Year: 2013
Top First Year: 2012
Top First Year: 2012
Top First Year: 2012
Pedro Vega
Top First Year: 2009
#2 in the World
Four-Time Top Leader
#1 : 2013, 2014
#2: 2015
#8: 2012
Amber Bragg
Top First Year: 2008
#1 in the World
Top Sales: 2012
#5 in the World
Top Leader: 2013
#3 in the World
Reid Joseph
Top First Year: 2012
2.5 Summers
Total Profit: $66k
Amberlee Thieleman
Top First Year: 2013
3 Summers
Total Profit: $77k
Bethany Joseph
Kyle Kelly
Top First Year: 2013
2.5 Summers
Total Profit: $69k
Morgan Melson
Top First Year: 2014
1 Summer
Total Profit: $13.5k
Qishu Zhang
Top First Year: 2014
2 Summers
Total Profit: $30k
2015 Top Aggies
#74 Zaira Carlos
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Brenham, TX
#55 Kevin Roark
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Arlington, TX
#28 Troy Bentley
Major: Industrial Distribution
Hometown: Tomball, TX
#27 Gage Loflin
Major: Construction Science
Hometown: San Antonio ,TX
#12 Katie Klotz
Major: Bio-Chemistry
Hometown: Magnolia, TX
#4 Jessica Chappell
Major: Kinesiology
Hometown: Huntsville, TX
#3 Michael Powell
Major: Construction Science
Hometown: Laredo, TX
Investment Group | Real Estate | Publishing Group
College Graduates in 1990
College Graduates in 2015
Graduates with a degree related job 6 months later
What Defines an Experience:
By the Numbers:
What most college students do:
Part-time Job
Are you willing to relocate?
Accountability & Peer Group
3-6 Hours
"Iron sharpens iron..."
80 Hours / Week
90% No
No Guarantees
100% Commission
Texas A&M in the Last 4 Years:
(Out of 300+ Campuses Worldwide)
#1 Campus in the U.S.
#3 Campus in the World
52 Top 100 Rookies
10 Top 10 Rookies
10 Top 10 Leaders
Self-motivated with a
strong work ethic

decision makers

Track record
of success

A willingness to...
Work hard
Study hard
Be coachable

A reason
to work this hard
Your Campus Leaders
Aggies at the Top
Top First Year: 2013
3 Summers
Total Profit: $65k
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