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RIRI baby food

No description

suzzy wael

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of RIRI baby food

Positioning statement
"For mothers who want a full healthy meal for their children, then RIRI is the food brand that provides the necessary nutrition for the babies unlike any other baby food, RIRI’S products are free from gluten"
Major Messages

“keep your baby healthy’’

‘’ Egyptian product of high quality”

“Soothe babies sickness”

“Rice in comparison to wheat”

Creative strategy
Rational appeal
Provided information
Speaks to the rational part of the brain
Musical appeal
Increase brand awareness
Creates a bond between the music and the product.
For class A and B
Same message for all the segments
To reach customer every where will differ according to the behavior of customers and the reasons they want to purchase RIRI .
Major Messages
Different communication methods will be used.
RIRI BabyFood
It was established in Egypt in 1956.

It is specialized in producing various flavors of baby food .

RIRI used to be the leader of the baby food market.

Currently, it exports to 20 different countries all over the world.
Point of Weaknesses
Conflict between management

Financial problems

Culture doesn’t encourage change

Low awareness from Egyptian consumers because of lack of promotions
Old target Segment

Demographics: Class B and C
Working mothers

Geographic : All over Egypt .

Psychographic: Busy life style

Behavioral Profile: Low consumption levels

Demographics: Class A and B
Working mothers

Geographic : Cairo and Alex ,specifically suburbs were A and B consumers live.

Psychographic: Mothers with very busy lifestyle and limited time.

Behavioral Profile: High consumption level
New target segment
Pricing strategy
Setting relatively the same prices as those of the strong competitors in the market such as: Cerelac and Herobaby
Advertising tools
TV ads
Printed ads
Poster ads
The ad exhibit a rational appeal

Tag line :“No more wheat cereal allergy”

whose target market is mainly mothers to include our print ads in their monthly issues.
Pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets would be the perfect places to hang and spread our poster ads.
Sponsorship marketing
Sponsoring children health related radio programs

Sponsoring Babycare rooms in malls and hypermarkets.
sending sales representatives to pediatricians to market for RIRI products

To demonstrate the nutritional benefits of RIRI`s offerings
Sales representatives
RIRI`S website

Interactive website (RIRI`s customers & pediatricians)

Alternative marketing
Communication vehicles
Packaging as a communication tool.

More appealing to customers.

A thicker recyclable cub board box.

Easily open and can be reclosed.

Nutrition information at the back.
RIRI’s new package:

Rice as a main ingredient "Industrial strength”.

Free from artificial flavors ,colors and preservatives.

Necessary supply of iron.
Product labeling is a legal requirement.
Riri`s label comprises:
The aim of the logo is to differentiate a brand from its competitors.

Riri`s logo will be redesigned inside Egypt only.

The dominant color of the logo is Yellow in order to generate positive feelings and Appetite.
Thank you for your attention
Unique selling proposition
RIRI is a rice cereal gluten free ,so it is the only healthy choice for babies who have wheat allergy
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