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paul katopodis

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of ODYSSEY

The Odyssey
She committed suicide out of grief that she felt for her son, Odysseus. LAERTES- FATHER TELEMACHUS- SON
He has never had a father present in his life and wants Odysseus to return home. PENELOPE- WIFE
She stays faithful to Odysseus the whole time that he is away because she loves him and knows how important he is to their family. "Where shall a man find sweetness to surpass his own home and his parents? In far lands he shall not, though he find a house of gold." Odyssues shows the importance of his relationship with his wife and son when he refuses to stay with Calypso. He chooses to return home to his family. Odysseus's men respect him but do not always listen to him. Odysseus is a good leader and tries to do what is best for his men. The most important family relationship is that of Odysseus and Telemachus. Even though they are apart for twenty years they develope love for one another. They were both willing to overcome obstacles in order to meet each other. Circe was a beautiful and powerful goddess that put a spell on Odysseus's men that turned them into pigs. He went to the under world to free is men from her spell. By: Emily Howe & Paul Katopodis
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