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Autonomous Language Learning

No description

Nathalie Gignac

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Autonomous Language Learning

Autonomous Language Learning LEARNING TO LEARN THE TEACHER'S ROLE AUTONOMOUS, NOT ALONE Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) OUTLOOK

https://ep.chalkandwire.com/ep2_snhu/SecureUrlPage.aspx?urlId=109405222&u=guest&cus=115 "Many studies, including a recent analysis by Lai and Li (2011) have shown that engagement in CMC helps the learners create a positive second language persona."
Various exposures to a broad range of online writing and videos can help students familiarize themselves with different registers and context-sensitive language appropriateness. Emerging Technologies  Help students develop individual learning strategies.
 Help students adapt strategies when needed.
 Encourage journal writing and goal setting.
 Help students create a prioritized list of goals.
 Encourage self-reflection.

Google is a good journaling vehicle (shared with and edited by others)

E-portfolio is an additional teaching tool found online here is mine: The internet provided various surveys to enable students to self-assess and monitor learning strategies.
Learning management systems (LMS) such as
https://moodle.org/ & http://www.cnai.es/en/home
offer distance learning, however they still limit the student's freedom and flexibility.
Personal learning environment (PLE) PLE, such as netvibes or http://pageflakes.en.softonic.com/web-apps
allow teachers to create websites Help your students by providing links for online resources such as:

translation tools,
grammar sites or apps
editing tools
vocabulary sites or apps
how-to-learn sites
news broadcasts (slowed down)
articles with vocabulary banks
audio versions These tools can help the students who want to go above and beyond what is expected of them and can provide them with more autonomy. Classroom situations are viewed by many teachers, particularly in the foreign language context, as a limiting environment conducive to formal learning which "seems to have little in common with 'real life'" http://www.akita-u.ac.jp/allrooms/
https://plus.google.com/ "two roads for teachers and researchers" "Individual personal autonomy road" "autonomy as the capacity to exercise critical thinking about learning as a participant in a social milieu"
Integrated CALL- connect with peers Autonomous and video chat SELF-DIRECTED STUDY Reference:
Jones-Godwin, R., Emerging Technologies: Autonomous Language Learning, Language Learning and Technology, vol.15, no.3 http://questgarden.com/114/77/4/101121111712/ http://www.alelo.com/ Instructional Social Simulation Operational Language & Culture Training System-- Build platform for simulation "If students' autonomy is about personal choice
Then mobile device serve as ideal enabler."
This autonomy should be associated with a sense of agency, where students can choose the device that work best for them. Autonomous Learning
"look difference in
different culture"
Way of the Future responsible , active, flexible and adaptable Agency
Critically aware learners
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