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Using Assignments in Moodle

Presentation about the benefits of using assignment tools in Moodle to collect and assess pupils work.

Mr Vass

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Using Assignments in Moodle

Using the "Assignment" tools
in Moodle Objectives of this session:

Be aware of the different "Assignment" tools that are available in Moodle
Have an understanding of the benefits of using the "Assignment" tools in Moodle to collect and assess students' work

Develop skills so that you can set up and use one or more assignments in a Moodle course. The different "Assignment" tools available Advanced uploading of files Students can upload up to 20 different pieces of work to one assignment/area for the teacher to take a look at.
A piece of work can be selected from many as the "submitted assignment"
Ideal if you want your learners to submit several different draft versions so that you can see progress.
The learner can also attach a note to the submitted work
The teacher can send back a "response file"-this may be the original work but with comments written into the document.
Upload a single File:

Pupils can upload one single file to be assessed.
Teacher can access the file and provide comments and a grade
Pupils can have the option to re-submit the work. "Online Text" Assignment:

Pupils type in a response online (no submission of files).
Teacher can access this response and provide feedback and a grade
Teachers comments can be embedded within the student's written response
"Offline Assignment:"

Pupils do not upload work nor give a response
Used to provide feedback and a grade for any work that was carried out and collected "Offline" (away from the computer/Moodle) "NanoGong" Assignment:
Pupils submit an audio response to a question or task
Record voice and submit
Teacher listens to and grades the audio responses
All work online-no need for carrying around work (unless you are using offline assignments).
Mark book automatically created and collates marks from each assignment
Feedback always available for pupils to see
Clear record of when pupils have responded to feedback or made improvements to work.
Parents, teachers or even other learners could be invited to log in and view the work.
Pupils can access and submit work outside of school.
Simple progress tracking

Benefits of using "Assignments" on Moodle
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