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Rock presentation

No description

Kamryn Breazeale

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Rock presentation

Rock presentation! x
Kamryn Breazeale
1st hour december 5th
Dedicated to
Justin Bieber lololol because I love him (:
located in San Bernardino County, California in the Mojave Desert.
Igneous, Granite
I looked at the colors and i seen that there was little crystal things inside of it plus it was kinda shiny so I knew it was granite.
and black
luster: White and Black metallic luster..
Hardness on scale: 2
granules: yes mine has some and they're small
shape: its kinda round but it has edges and they are very sharp
size: Length: 3cm Width: 4 1/2 cm
height 4cm

uses for my rock
it's used for countertops and floors and sometimes the outer rims of swimming pools.
my rock is granite
So igneous starts out as magma, and pressure goes on it and it hardens. Then it cools once it's done hardening over a long time and there you have an igneous rock
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