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It's vacation time and we

A math project by michael vieira on money managing skills.

Michael Vieira

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of It's vacation time and we

It's vacation time and we're going to India to meet our family. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dad has given me
my extended family
to buy gifts for
7000 rupees
Cool, isn't it?
I get to do the shopping!
Now, let's see...........
My family.
touch-screen mobile
and for Grandma I have chosen a woman's combo (that would mean a lot of kurtis and leggings)
I think......
My grandpa would like a
A table fan
for my
and a woman's combo
maternal grandma.
She's six and loves pink.
my cousin sister.
for Little Gabrielle,
A hot lunch box
They live in Australia and are really tech-savvy, just like me!!!!!
Jordan and Brendan
for both my cousin brothers,
A set of Samsung Galaxy S-23
I looked up all these deals on
the Times of India newspaper
and downloaded those pictures with my mom's
Samsung Wave 525 mobile
Let's check out the prices
Let's look at the overall picture
You can be sure I had the best vacation ever with my family in India
Our Own Indian School
by Michael Vieira
Managing my money skills -
A Math project
Touch screen mobile for grandpa
A hot lunch box for Little Gabrielle,
A set of Samsung Galaxy S-23 for both my cousin brothers, Jordan and Brendan
comes with a free watch
my grandmothers
A womens combo each for both
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