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No description

Mahmoud Younis

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Animation

online cinema booking
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
online cinema booking
Prepared by:
Ahmad Damati.
Aram Al-hourani
Supervised by:
Dr.Ahmad Abu shareha

Project stakeholder
requirement and analysis
conclusion and future work

requirement and analysis
Domain Driven Design Architectural Style
Admin use case
Visitor Use Case
Good BYE
by :Ahmad & Aram.
Supervised by:
Dr.Ahmad Abu shareha

Registration page
Other pages
Now Showing
Prime Cinemas
Coming Soon
Login user test
Further work
This report is a result of a project carried out during a six-week period, spring 2014-2015, at the wise university, under the guidance and supervision of DR.Ahmad Abu shariha. The report describes the development process of an online movie booking system, focusing on the most important phases of the software development process.
During the mentioned time period we developed a movie’s booking and administration system, which is used for a cinema by implementing the JSP programming language, MySQL, a database server, and an Apache Tomcat server. The computer network environment that we work with in this project is wide area network environment.
The project emphasizes primarily on the Software Engineering and Object Oriented Programming courses. Hence, the software development process was prioritized with programming included.

information gathering
Feasibility Study
Economic Feasibility
Technical Feasibility
Organizational Feasibility
non functional requirement
user friendly
privacy requirement
functional requirements
 Login website.
 Selection cinema.
 Selection movie.
 Selection time and date movie.
 Registration user.
 Confirm booking
 Booking from visitor
 Selection seat.
 buy ticket from user
 upload movie
 change password
 forget password
 logout

Home page
f Through what has been written in the past of code and screens must be testing the system, Testing is the process of running a system with the intention of finding errors. Testing enhances the integrity of a system by detecting deviations in design and errors in the system. Testing aims at detecting error-prone areas. This helps in the prevention of errors in a system. Testing also adds value to the product by conforming to the user requirements
Nowadays, traditional reservation ways of cinema ticketing is dying. It’s new age where technology dominates human life. With the software and technological devices, exceptions are reduced and even terminated. Also, people prefer easy, quick and safe way for every part of his life. This project is designed to meet the requirements of a cinema ticket booking system. It has been developed in PHP and the database has been built in My SQL server keeping in mind the specifications of the system.
In our project: with this cinema ticketing system; cinema companies can satisfy comfortable facilities to their customers. The relationship between cinema manager, employee, and customer satisfy a good communication to complete ticketing process. With this platform we developed, we are hoping to reduce time wasting, avoid misunderstandings, provide easy data flow, customer pleasure, and less hard work. We believe that we have accomplished our goals and satisfied with the code we developed

We hope in the future to complete the remaining part of the project, and apply this project actually in a real cinema in the world and linked to all the cinemas related to interacted with each other in order to give flexibility to the customer about the city and reduce by the time, without passing to the location.
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