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Twitter 101 for Educators

Learn the basics of Twitter and how it can be used in education.

Heather Boudreaux

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Twitter 101 for Educators

Other Educators
Professionals in careers related to your subject
News Outlets
Companies & Organizations
Journals & Publications
People who follow you
Friends & Family
ANYONE you find interesting
This does not include spammers, boring people, anyone who might not be "professional", or anyone else you'd prefer not to follow.
Educational Uses?
Who to follow
How can 140 characters help my students?
What is Twitter?
A microblogging service that allows users to post ("tweet") content limited to 140 characters in length.
A Quick Overview
Adapted from @CCahillMN
What to Tweet
Let's Get Started
To tweet or not to tweet...that's a silly question.
Helpful Tools
Twitter 101
for Educators

How to Find Them
Edu Hashtags
On Facebook, I follow people I know. On Twitter, I follow people I like.
Links (shortened, not stirred)
Self-promotion (in small doses)
Designate a fellow twitter user with an @.
Begin tweets with @username(s) to direct at certain people. Remember these will still be viewable by everyone, though!
Mention other people within a tweet.
Usernames link to that user's profile.
Retweet (RT)
Reposting someone else's tweet and giving them credit
Lets you share a tweet you read that you think your followers would find interesting
Direct Message (DM)
Private tweet sent directly to one user.
Use Direct Message function to send one.
Direct Messages can only be sent between mutual followers.
Start an account
Follow others
Your first tweet
URL Shorteners
Links take up a lot of real estate (some are longer than 140 characters!) => shorten them before posting.

Twitter now has built-in URL shortener

bit.ly, goo.gl, su.pr and is.gd are other URL shorteners with other benefits as well
Your email contacts
Find contacts who are also on Twitter
Twitter Lists
See who your favorites are following.
Browse users by topic or search for specific topics and #hashtags
Check your favorite websites for embedded tweets or twitter usernames
Twitter's User Search
When all else fails (seriously, should be last resort), try twitter.
Media Sharing
Upload and get short url for pictures/videos/audio files.
Many apps and websites integrate sharing via Twitter
You can even share documents!
Twitter Tools can help
Mobile app (iPhone, iPad, Android)
TONS of others!
Be Real
Stay Active
Don't Spam
Don't Take it Personally
Provide Something of Value
hakuna matata
Using searches and following hashtags enable you to find valuable information from outside your network...and possibly find new people to follow.
Post a picture
Have a bio
Don't automate everything (especially DMs, follows, cross-posting)
Should be more than just blog feed
Don't be afraid to reply to people
Ask questions of people you've never met
Give it a chance.
Only useful if you use it!
Don't be narcissistic
No worries! Remember to have fun.
Twitter for Educators by Caitlin Cahill is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Hashtag (#)
Identifies the topic or keyword
Can be anywhere in the tweet
Can search for specific hashtags to view a conversation or tweets on the topic
What's all the Twittering about?
The lingo - @ RT # DM
Personalize your profile
Go to Twitter.com and fill in the sign up info
Choose a username that "fits"
Remember - this is a professional Twitter (you can make as many Twitter accounts as you have emails - you might want three - teacher, professional, personal)
Accept terms
Confirm account from email
Click the gear on the top right - go to Settings
Profile - change picture, header and fill in Bio
Design - choose background
Search for fellow teachers and colleagues you know
Follow your school's Twitter feed
Search a hashtag (#) to find those who tweet with that tag
Tweet something!
Put the hashtag #D5SciTech
a favorite quote
what your Science Unit focus will be
a link to your website
a link to a fun interactive site
an idea for using Twitter in education
a happy moment or celebration from your class
140 characters can still say a lot!
all things educational
student-led initiative to fight bullying
all about ipads in education
educational technology
for passion-driven educators
new teacher chat
mobile learning in education
Special Education chat
gifted & talented education
elementary education chat
Plus some subject specific ones...



The Arts in education


English Language teachers

Social Studies chat

ISTE - Tech. Standards


Follow Fridays

STEM Education

ESL Education
Connected Principals

School Administrators

Guidance Counselors



. . . and lots, lots more!
Use a #hashtag for each class.
Tweet reminders
Answering questions
20 minutes chat
Back-channel live chat during class
Conversations about subject
Post useful links
Exit tickets
Students help each other
"Famous people" chat
Weekly Twitter chat
Put Twitter username and hashtags in syllabus and on website
Connect with other language speakers
Live tweet a discussion during a TV show
Summarize a TED Talk
Field trips tweeting
What else can you think of...?
What you see
On the computer - www.twitter.com
On the iPad Twitter app
Your Twitter feed
tweets from those you are following

new Tweet button
Adjust your profile, notifications, etc.
Search for users, hashtags, topics, etc.
new Tweet area
brings you back to your feed
shows info. about your connections
suggestions for who to follow, topics of interest, etc
All your tweets, following, followers, etc
Your Twitter feed
tweets from those you are following

new Tweet button
Adjust your profile, notifications, etc.
Search for users, hashtags, topics, etc.
All your tweets, following, followers, etc
suggestions for who to follow, topics of interest, etc
shows info. about your connections
brings you back to your feed
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