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Finding Nemo Hero's Journey

No description

Courtney Parks

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Finding Nemo Hero's Journey

Finding Nemo
Call to Adventure
Nemo's dad, Marlin, gets called to his adventure when Nemo get taken by the scuba divers.
Refusal of call
Marlin doesn't refuse the call. He automatically leaves to find Nemo.
Aid from protective figure
Marlin finds Dory and asks her to help him find his son.
Crossing into threshold of unknown
Marlin swims into the open sea, where all the monsters are, to chase the boat that took his son.
Entering the road of trials and difficult tasks
They meet "friends" who happen to be sharks; Dory gets a bloody nose and the main shark Bruce tries to eat them. Also Marlin gets stuck in a group of jellyfish with Dory and they faint.
Beginning Initiation
The word gets around that Marlin is looking for his son and it eventually gets to Nemo, who is in a dentists' office, from the pelican. Dory and Marlin then come across a whale and Dory, "whale talks" asking the whale where Sydney is.
Reaching bottom- apparent defeat
The whale that Dory was talking to comes up and puts Marlin and Dory into his mouth. They struggle to get out through the whale's teeth. The water soon starts going down and he tries to swallow them.
Marriage, blessing or baptism
There isn't any.
Receive gift
The whale ends up spraying the two fish out his blow hole and they end up in Sydney.
Living in world or returning home
Marlin and Nemo return home; Marlin lets Nemo return to school.
Sharing of gift
As Nemo and Marlin reunite they witness a group of fish getting caught in a net from a boat. Dory is caught in this net and can't escape. Nemo then goes into the net and gets all the fish to swim down breaking the net and setting all the fish free.
Magic flight or rescue
Marlin and Dory find the Pelican, Nigel, that knows Nemo. Nigel scoops them up in his mouth and takes him to Nemo. Nemo is about to given to Darla, the evil little girl who kills fish, and acts dead. Marlin sees his son dead and decides to give up. Nemo hears his dad and, with the help of his friend Gill, escapes to the ocean through a sink drain. Marlin gets in a fight with Dory and leaves. Dory forgets everything and stays in Sydney, she then runs into Nemo and regains her memory and lead Nemo to Marlin.
Nemo is the damsel. He needs to be saved and got himself into a bad situation.
Marlin is the hero. He takes on an adventure to save his son.
Dory is the mentor to Marlin. He helps find Nemo.
Bruce is a villain. He tries to eat Marlin and Dory.
Darla is also a villain to Nemo. She kills fish and the dentist was going to give Nemo to her.
Gill is a mentor to Nemo. He tries to help Nemo escape, while also wanting to escape.
Nigel is a mentor to Nemo and Marlin. He helped Marlin and Nemo find each other.
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