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College Tuition Problem Prezi

No description

Tatum Lucas

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of College Tuition Problem Prezi

State College > . < Problem F. B. C College Tuition A Marissa is going back to school to get her teaching certificate. She needs 12 additional credits to obtain certification and plans to attend one of the two local colleges. City college costs $70 per credit plus a $150 one-time registration fee, while State college costs $95 per credit and has no registration fee. Assuming both colleges have a similar academic reputation, which is the better choice based on cost? How many credits did Marissa's friend take if she paid $1130 to attend City College? H. Tatum Lucas, Rosemarie Seus, and Jazmin Leiva D Show cost for one 3-credit course and one 4-credit course at City College. 3-credit course 4-credit course 70 * 3 = 210
210 + 150 = 360 70 * 4 = 280
280 + 150 = 430 Write a formula that expresses the cost "c" in terms of the number of credits taken "n" at City College. C = 70n + 150
Ex: n=6
C = 70(6) +150
C= 420 + 150
Cost : $570 Show cost for one 3-credit course and one 4-credit course at State College. 95 * 3 = 285
95 * 4 = 380 Write a formula that expresses the cost "s" in terms of credits taken "n" at State College. 95n = s
Ex. 95 * 7 = s
665 = s
Cost of State college with 7
credits is $665 E Make a chart
that shows the
total cost of
how much a
student would
pay at each
college including registration fee, for taking any number from 3 to 12 credits. C=70n +150 C= 70n + 150
1130= 70n + 150
-150 -150
980 = 70n
/70 /70
14=n G. When does City College cost the same as State College? City College costs the same as State College at 6 credits. Suppose both colleges allow a student to take up to 18 credits.
-When does City College cost more than State College?
-When does City College cost less than State College? I 70n+150=95n
Solve for n. 70n+150=95n
-70n -70n
/25 /25
6=n *c>3-5
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