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Why Prezi?

This Prezi highlights the value of this virtual learning tool for education.

Beau Schluep

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Why Prezi?

Prezi is valuable to educators for many reasons:
It makes the teacher's presentation more interesting and memorable.
Students enjoy creating Prezis.
Up to 10 people can collaborate on one Prezi in the same room or across great distances.
A Prezi can be presented by multiple people remotely.
Why Prezi?
Presenting to an audience
can be dreadful for
a lot of reasons.
You definitely don't want to be boring.
PowerPoint saved us from the overhead projector...
I do know what exciting means, Inigo Montoya.
is an adjective describing something that causes great enthusiasm and eagerness.
That is what a presentation should be.

...but, times changed and PowerPoint got stale.
Presentations should be
A great presentation gets the crowd
A Brief Introduction
Prezi is a presentation tool that can smoothly move around a canvas and zoom in and out. But, that's only enough to cause low levels of
enthusiasm and eagerness
. Luckily, Prezi has many more features and reasons for
. Especially for education.
Prezi's value to education, continued...
Prezi is free, or you can pay for premium service and increased storage.
All you need is access to a computer and the internet. Your local library has both for free.
It's easy to get started and there are lots of tutorial videos and supportive information at the Prezi site and on YouTube.
Creating a Prezi is creating a work of art.
Students can add their personality to Prezis by including their own music, videos, pictures and more.

With accessibility anywhere that has a computer and internet, including your iPhone, Prezi reaches into nearly every learning environment.

Prezi Supports Instruction

- No, I'm not kidding.
Yes, distraught lady, to be a writer you need to read and write a lot. However, if you are looking for a different avenue to express your knowledge, you don't have to write a lot anymore. Instead, you can show your creative side and build a Prezi to express your knowledge and get a point across.
Prezi Supports Math

If you have the time, let Mattsmath.com teach you an algebra lesson on the surface area of pyramids and cones via Prezi.
Pressed for time? Not in the mood for algebra? Join me for another example of how Prezi supports instruction.

Student Example
Teachers around the world are using Prezi to introduce content in entertaining, engaging, and memorable ways.

Students around the world are working alone or collaborating with Prezi to express their content knowledge.
: Collaborate, Invent, Entertain, Share, Problem Solve, Personalize, Create...
Via technology, students and teachers can collaborate on creation and presentation. Add images, videos, text. Prezi is the epitome of a web 2.0 tool.
Strategies and Tips for Teaching with Prezi
* Think of it as a canvas -
Consider a "big picture" arrangement, where a view of the full canvas conveys meaning.

* Engage your students -
Have them work collaboratively. Add a poll using Poll Everywhere. Add humor and video clips.

*Be creative -
Consider wrapping your Prezi around a story or metaphor. Perhaps a lightbulb representing a big idea.

* Keep it simple -
Deal with one concept at a time. Eliminate unnecessary information.

* Respect design conventions -
Use contrast and white space and be consistent.

* Choose images over text -
Images are more efficient in representing ideas. Your voice should be the "text" when presenting.

* Plan ahead -
Its difficult to create Prezi on the fly. Do your research and collect your images and videos prior to starting.
Grand Finale
The Pinnacle of Prezi Possibility
This Prezi was created by an online student who didn't have the opportunity to present. Therefore, she had to use more text than normally expected (just like I'm doing here). Of course, I received permission from student and parents for permission to use.
If you still don't believe in the power of Prezi to make your presentations cause great eagerness and enthusiasm, enjoy this firework show. A good firework show is always
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