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My Student Growth

No description

Kaylee Valenzuela

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of My Student Growth

What is my involvement in extra-curricular/ministry opportunities at CCA like?
What is the best thing about learning the academic subjects at CCA?
The best thing about learning the academic subjects at CCA is being able to relate to God with everything. He made all things. He is a god of order.
What academics at CCA I would like to see change?
I would like to see CCA to allow students to have more independent work so we can save time and get assignments done faster in class.
How am I different academically now than I was when I started elementary school?
How is my relationship with Jesus different now than it was when I was six or seven years old?
This year, I've been involved in after school volleyball, art classes, costume & prop team for Horton Hears a Who, and the Pompano Piranhas' swim team. I also have the part of a mime in the 4th and 5th grade musical and, I look forward being in it. After school, I also do Safety Patrol and, I plan on doing it for the whole year. I love working with the younger kids and setting a good example for them.
What is one area for improvement of the extra-curricular/ministry opportunities at CCA?
I wish CCA has a pool for their swim team, and anyone who wishes to learn how to swim. It could also be used for outreach as well. Just as Ramp 48, that allows others from the community to come and skate, this could allow others to come and swim!

I think there should be clubs for those who wish to go out and preach the gospel to those who are in need. There is a lot of people in the world who need to see our light. There should be a group that organizes outreaches such as visiting hospitals, serving those who may have disabilities and, loving on those in care facilities.
When I was about six, I didn't understand what it really meant to accept Christ into my heart, I just knew it was the right thing to do. I never spent time alone with Him, but now I read the Bible and do my own devotions with Him daily. I can understand better and, learn more and more, each day about God's plan for me.
The End
Which staff member, coach, director, teacher, or administrator influenced me most in elementary school?
Miss Redman, my 4th-grade teacher, helped me to love school. Seeing how excited she was to teach my class was wonderful. She loved each-and-every-one of us and we loved her too. Each day I always looked forward to learning something new from her. Every day, we all screamed "Goodmorning Miss Redman!", and she'd yell,"Goodmorning class" back. She tried games and videos to made the class more enjoyable. Occasionally, she also let us go out for an early recess in reward for the class staying focused and getting all out work done.

In my younger elementary years, I hated P.E. and anything athletic. I always made up excuses to skip P.E. and go to the nurse, stay home instead of running the mile, etc. When Coach Weppner began being my coach, I started to enjoy P.E. better. He always encouraged me and invited me to his after-school beach volleyball practice. After that, I started getting more interested in athletics. I'm glad Coach Weppner was and still is, my coach.
My Student Growth
This year I'm different academically because I can understand God's purpose for me and His word more clearly. Our field trip to BizTown showed how what we learn in school is very important in the real world and gave us a glimpse of what it will be like working in the real world and how important everyone's job is.
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