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Kalene Fayden

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Chimayo,Chistian

Chimayo Chimayo is located about 30 minutes north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Chimayó was founded near the end of the 17th century by Spanish settlers in a fertile valley nourished by the Santa Cruz River and protected by the surrounding foothills. Chimayo is one of the sites of the Christian faith. Chimayó is also believed by many to be the site of a miracle which occurred about 200 years ago. Miraculous healings are believed to have occurred at the site where a wooden crucifix was unearthed. Why is Chimayo such a famous place? The reason is because tens of thousands of pilgrims make their way each year to the tiny church, sometimes called the Lourdes of America. Many make the long trek on foot each year during Holy Week.They come seeking miracles of healing from the church and its little well of sacred red dirt found in a room off to the side of the altar. They bring small bags or vials and take a spoonful of dirt home with them. Some rub the dirt on the part of the body that needs healing. Others take it home to place on an altar. "If you are a stranger, if you are weary from the struggles in life, whether you have a handicap, whether you have a broken heart, follow the long mountain road, find a home in Chimayó." The church itself is exquisitely handmade, full of odd angles of wood and adobe carrying the imprint of the loving hands of the community that built it. Both the church and the two towers were once flat-topped; the pitched roof and charming wooden caps on the towers were added in the 1920s. Through a charming archway you enter a little courtyard before walking through heavy, carved wooden doors into the church. Inside, the walls are lined with reredos, brightly painted wooden screens, restored with the help of Santa Fe's Museum of Folk Art in 2003. The reredos portray various saints. There are also bultos, or statues, of saints. The small bulto on the altar is Santiago (Saint James), to whom the Christians prayed for.

Inside of the Church The Belief of Chimayo... El Santuario has been a place of worship from the beginning - a place to pray, to thank, to ask, to meditate and to experience peace of mind as well as of body.
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