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The Walt Disney Company.

No description

Madelin Webb

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of The Walt Disney Company.

The Disney Company.

Define the objective
What did Michael Eisner do to rejuvenate Disney?

What if we do nothing?
Nothing Is Not An Obtion
Idea 1
Eisner's Situation
How Esner Saved Disney
What Is Disney For You?
Challenges and opportunities
Disney had money issue:
$1 Billion to Refinance Park
$29 to restore New Amsterdam Theater
Disney Hiring - Michael Eisner - 1984 as Charman.

What Will Bring...
Eisner General Success Strategy
Show how things would improve
Mazimazing Shareholders Through Annual Revenue.
How problems can be resolved
Maximazng Theme Park Profitability
Managing The Brand
Managing Synergies
Eisner's Con
Strategy for Grow
How Walt Solve...
1. Nontheatrical Community
2. Creativity and Quality.
3. New Studio (Burbank) 1940.
4. Training and Education.

How it helped...
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
You Want To Ask Again Why Disney So Successful?
Little History
Walt and Roy Disney
1923 - Disney Brothers Studio

1928 - Overnight become International Hero...
"Steamboat Willie"
"Topolino" - Italy
"Raton Mikey" - Spain
"Mussie Pigg" - Sweden

Problem appeared:
1. License for Micki.
2. Brand Equity - cash
Black and White
How Micki become famous

Disney Takes The World
The Distributor Owned Copyright of "Oswald..."
First Problem:
Orlando Secret of
27,000 acres
Eisner's Pro
Idea 2
Through Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax and Caravan Pictures it is one of the world's largest producers and distributors.
Anaheim, CA
Specifically, how did he increase net income in his first four years?

Has Disney diversified too far
in recent years?

Long-Term Products and
Creating Activities
Made a home and family oriented Entity.
Walt and Roy
1901 - 1966
2. Management
1. Market, Market, Market

3. New Rebirth Empire
Revitalizing TV and Movies
Get your audience excited
1. Run out of Budget
Wells killed in airplain crash
3. Stock Market
4. Management

Identify the problem
1893 - 1971
"Oswald, the Happy Rabbit" 1927
Chairman and CEO

Michael Eisner
Eisner's Con
BOOKs, Intrernet, Radio, Advertizement ,
Buena Vista New Updates
When Eisner arrived at Disney, there were 28,000 employees. By 2000, the number had ballooned to 110,000, reflecting mix. Did Eisner's 20% growth target make sense particularly when Disney faced ever-increasing competiotion across all its business?
Dalmations with a Adjusted Box Ofice of $782,35 Million Is the Second Biggest Box Offie Animation Movie
Mickey Mouse in 1941's Fantasia...Fantasia is the Highesr Rated Disney Movie According to Critics and Audience
from 1984 to 2005 retired
Rob Iger
CEO of Disney Now

While CEO of Walt Disney in 2009, earned total compensation of $29,028,362, which included a base salary of $2,038,462, a cash bonus of $9,260,000, stock awards of $6,336,509 and option awards of $8,308,647. Iger earned a $13.5 million bonus in 2010, which was a 45.4% increase from 2009.
Other Countries Don't Want To Share Profits
Did Eisner Helped Disney?
Disney Dimensions - (Boot Camp) Program held every few months for 25 seniors executives from every business.
Synergy Boosted Revenue Through Cross-Promotion
Animated Movie Invesrtment
21% Annual Revenue...
Thing and Grow
Thing and Grow

Procentage Of Brand Success
2000 Revenue
From $1.65 Billion to $25 Billion
Earn Euguity 20%
Net Earn $0,1 - to -$1,2 Billion
(First Year of Michael Eisner's Job)

During 15 Years 27% Annual Return To Shareholders
Disney is one of the most recognizable corporations in the world.
Their success :
1. They have taken stories from different tales and regions, put them together, and marketed them toward children.
2. Because their business has allowed them to merge with other corporations to create a worldwide conglomerate.
3. Focus on Service, they made all shopping needs in one convenient place with great prices.
4. Amazing Collection of the Most Medai Brands, such a ABC, RIXAR, Marvel, ESPN,and many others...
5. Fantastic, creative CREW to its fullest potencial and maximum value of great masterpieces.

Fiscal 2012 was an exciting year of record performance, as well as innovation and creativity, at The Walt Disney
Company. For the second year in a row Disney achieved record net income, revenue, and earnings per share. In fiscal
2012, net income for our shareholders was a record $5.7 billion, an increase of 18% over last year, and revenue was a
record $42.3 billion, up 3% from last year. Diluted earnings per share increased 24% to a record $3.13.

(Disney Annual Report 20111-2012)
LOGO 2013
Specifically, how did he increase net income in his first four years?

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