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Touro College Libraries Cite it Rite

The importance of citations and avoiding plagiarism in college research papers. Adapted for the Touro College Libraries, 2012.

Chelsea DeGlopper

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Touro College Libraries Cite it Rite

Cite It Rite!
What to cite, how to do it, and why you should care
Our Academic Integrity Policy
At Touro, penalties for plagiarism include:
mandatory failure of the assignment
But the good news is that it's easy to avoid plagiarism
For scholars, just like your professors here at Touro, publishing books and articles is essential to their careers
But they don't work...
in a void
Instead, they join in on a "conversation" with other scholars in their field
They incorporate the findings and ideas of others into their work,
1. being sure to give them credit with citations
This back and forth is key to progress and innovation
It may not seem like it, but you too are joining in on this conversation with the larger scholarly community whenever you write a paper
So to be a responsible member of the community
give credit where it is due
But even if that doesn't convince you, maybe this will...
possible failure of the course
potential suspension
There are lots of great resources for finding the rules of different citation styles, such as this one:http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/
When writing, ask yourself: Is this...
a direct quote?
a paraphrase of another's words?
another's image, chart or other visual?
music, sounds, videos, or other media someone else created?
another's idea or theory?
If so, cite it!
A fact or statistic that's NOT common knowledge?
If you're including a word for word quote or a unique phrase from one of your sources
If you're paraphrasing or summarizing a source in your own words
Use quotation marks around the borrowed material
Use brackets [] to indicate changes or additions
Use ellipses ... to indicate deletions
Include an in-text citation directly after the borrowed material
Include a full citation in your bibliography
Make sure the structure, as well as the vocab, is markedly different
Ensure that your version preserves the original intent
Quote vs. Paraphrase
Pay attention to formatting rules, ie blocking quotes of a certain length
*Remember, re-using papers
whether your own, a friend's, or off the internet
is also plagiarism
Recap: So, why should you cite your sources?
To give others credit for their hard work
To avoid the consequences of plagiarism charges
To allow readers to check your sources
To give credibility to your writing
So, while you're researching,
Indicate what resource you're making notes from, including all the information you'll need to create a citation
Note the number of the page where you found the info in the margin
And clearly mark the sections you've copied word for word with quotation marks
Thinking about citations early will make them a breeze when you write your paper
Your professor will tell you which citation style to use
APA, MLA, Chicago, IEEE - it can all seem a little overwhelming...
But you don't have to learn all the rules, you just have to know where to look
Or, use a site like Noodle Tools - FREE to Touro students - to help keep track of your research and build your bibliography
If you ever have any questions about how to cite something properly, feel free to ask a librarian
Call, chat, email, or come in! http://www.tourolib.org/
and/or dismissal
For both quotes and paraphrases:
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