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on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of THE ROAD MOVIE

Whats is a road movie?
American culture and road movies
Jean Baudrillard : “space, velocity, cinema and technology”
Other famous road-movies...
- Into the wild, by Sean Penn, 2007
- A perfect world, by Clint Eastwood 1993
- Little Miss sunshine, by Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris, 2006
- Two-lane Blacktop, by Monte Hellman 1971
- Transiberian, by Brad Anderson 2008
- Paris, Texas, Win Wenders, 1984
The road myth is also in literature:
On the Road
, Jean Kerouac, and in TV series:

The road
A road movie is not a film in which the road only appears: the road is another character of the story, it has an own sense.
The roads is a metaphor, a universal symbol of the course of the life, the desire and attraction of freedom and destiny.
Easy Rider
, by Dennis Hopper
La Strada
(the road) by Fellini
Thelma & Louise
by Ridley Scott, 1991
The road movie reflexes the north-American myths and ideologies, that’s why it is the adapted genre to represent tensions and crisis of this United States. (Easy rider)
The continent immensity created the necessity of constant movement that involved the technology development of transports: car culture.
The road journey became in the north-American context, a symbol of freedom.
The road trip is not only a physical journey in the space, but also a spiritual, perceptual, intellectual and social discovery for the
Thelma & Louise
Into the wild
Easy rider
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