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Influential People

No description

Illiana Villarreal

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Influential People

1.ha had 11 kids.
2.he had 3 wives.
3.800 songs in his repertoire.
4. He was in jazz,R&B.
5.in 1989 brown published an
autobiography, James brown:the
godfather of soul
Martin Luther King Jr.
Became a pastor cause it was a tradition in his family
King married Coretta king and had 4 children together
Che Guevara
Born June 14,1928
Went to medical school at University of Buenos Airies
Fought in the Cuban Revolution
He was executed in Bolivia on Oct. 9, 1967
Cubans now think of him as their hero
Died May 25, 1954
The Beatles' last performance is held January 30 in London.
John Lennon
Influential People
1. Was the first to make an atomic bomb.
2. Was in the Manhattan Project
3.Was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1938.
4.Went to over 8 collages.
5. Known as the "father of atom bomb."
Robert Capa
Was a war photographer
Born October 22, 1913
2 siblings
John F. Kennedy
michael jackson
Lennon wrote is the title song for the film "Help" in January.
Kim Jong Il
born in August 29,1958
In Late March,Lennon publishes In His Own Write.
John Lennon's best known solo album was "Imagine"
He had 2 wives
he had 2 kids
he was the first president in Africa
he was born on July 18,1918
hes hometown was village of mezo
Lennon was granted permanent U.S. resident status.
jeff bezos
Born May 29,1917
Marilyn Monroe
he was a singer,music producer,songwriter,and a dancer.
Kim Jong Il became leader in 1994.
Rosa Parks
Kim Jong Il was born febuary 16,1941.
death date: june 25,2009
Coco Chanel
He was the President of The United States of America
Rosa Parks was born on February 4,1913.
Graduated in 1964 from Kim Il Sung University.
born in Gary,Indiana
he died in Los angeles
He died December 17,2011.
she had an affair with JFK and bobby Kennedy
she had affairs with many guys.
Her real name is Norma Jean Baker
She was in an orphanage for 2 years
She died in August 5,1962
Oprah Winfrey
Franklin Roosevelt
barack obama
Pablo Picasso started to paint when he was eight years old.
Pablo Picasso was a spanish painter, sculptor, Printmaker.
Thomas edison was born on febuary 11,1847
Worked as a cabin boy.
He got an illness that paralyzed him
Picasso was awarded the Lenin (Stalin) peace prize in 1950.
he grew up in port michigan
Marries Eleanor Roosevelt
She was born at Kosciusko, Mississippi on January 29,1954
Wrote 59 books.
started the social security law
when Pablo was 14, he painted oil portraits of family friends, but also of assorted misfits.
he invented 1,093 things
Joseph Stalin
he led the united states through the great depression
He wrote
was born to a wealthy family in New York
Her grandmother encouraged he to love reading books at the age of 3.And at age 5 in kindergarten already know how to read and write.
his mother was a school teacher and his father was a shingle maker
obama was born in hawaii 1961
he was selected president in 2008
Pablo had two wives (Olga and Jacqueline) and four children.
He wrote
he was a sickly child because he mother doted him curious
he was kwown as "o" bomber fro his skills in basketball
he was born december 18,1878,gori,
he read all harry potter books
he died march 5,1953
kuntsevo dacha
president obama was known as the first african ameriacn president
The father of science fiction.
In middle school on of her teachers noticed that she love reading so they transferred her to Nicolet High School
he had 4 children
She was the richest African American of the 20th century and the world's only Black Billionaire for 3 years running.
Girlfriends name Gerda Taro
Fidel Castro
Janet Lane-Claypon
Tony Hawk
Sir Archbald McIndoe
Dr. Chris Brown
Osama Bin Laden
Pro skater.
Louis Armstrong
Kobe Bryant
He took credit for the 9/11 attacks
He was the first plastic surgen
Most famous skater in the world.
Alice Dalgliesh
J.R.R Tolkein
Salvador Dali
Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926
Born September 11,1978
He was the 17th out of 52 children
Paul Rodriguez
Kim Jong Il was kind of a bad person that why people still talk about him after his death.
He got the logie award
1. Born 1892, January 2
Louis Daniel Armstrong was
born on August 4th, 1901
Fidel Castro is stll alive(age 88)
Born August 23, 1978
He went to collage at The University of Sydney
By the age of 18, he had joined Kid Ory's band.
Nelson Mandela
Princess Diana
Amelia Earhart
J.K. Rowling
Elon Musk
Stephen Spielberg
Robin Maclaurin Williams
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Neil Armstrong
Malcom X
Adolf Dassler
J. Edgar Hoover
Hillary Clinton
Bill Gates
Maya Angelou
Adolf Hitler
- Bezos was born in albuquerque , new mexico
Won more than 70
- Bezos's mother was Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen
- Bezos's father was Ted Jorgensen
- Bezos was the man who created his own business the business was called Amazon
Bill Nye
Andrew Carnegie
Ronald Reagan
Jane Goodall
Elvis Presley
Nikola Tesla
Jonas Salk
Michael Jordan
Born in San
Diego, California.
Tony's first board
- Bezos was born on january , 12 ,1964
she campaigned for democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama in December 2007, attacting the largest crowd of the primary season to that point.
He was born in December 18,1946.
James Brown
His hometown is Cincinnati,Ohio.
He formed a new studio called "Dreamworks" in 1994,Which later was sold to "Paramount Pictures".
His collage was UCLA,School of Theater and Film Television,And University of Southern State.
He has 5 children and had has 1 divorce with Amy Irving.His current wife is Kate Capshaw.
Robin Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois on July 21, 1951. Mr.Williams went to "The Julliard School" and then attended " Claremont's Men's College". Williams graduated in 1969. Robin Williams died in August 11, 2014 in California, Tiburon in his hotel. He was cremated the day after his death. Robin was scattered in the San Francisco Bay on August 12, 2014. Robin Williams will always be in loving memory for all of us.
he was born on june28,1971
age 43
he has 5 kids

Rosa Parks place of birth was in Tuskegee,Alabama
Rosa Parks full name was Rosa Louise McCauley Parks.
Rosa Parks grew up to be a leader of the Civil Rights Movement.
Rosa Parks joined the NAACP.
she was the first female to fly across the pacific ocean
she also flew across artice ocean
but in the middle of the ocean she magicly dicaperd
Princess Diana was born on July 1, 1961 Samdringham,England
Married to Charles Prince of Wales in July 29, 1981 and had two kids
Princess Diana would help charities and homelessness
Got a divorce in February
He has 4 children
king was then murdered in Memphis,Tennessee on April 4,1968
she was born in amarica july 24 1897
she went to college at the university of michigan
she was married two times
she has four kids two girls and two boys
her mother died when she was young
she is she was born on august 16,1956 and she is still alive
Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta,Georgia on January 15,1929
she died in 1993
Assassinated on November 22, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald
He has 8 siblings
he started the civil rights movement in the mid 1950's
He had 3 children
Bill was born 10-28-1955
Born in Washington,D.C. in January 1, 1895
Died in May 2, 1972
He was the first person to step foot on the moon
His parents wanted him to be a lawer
Bill Gates had a friend named Allen
He loved flying things every since he was smalll
He has over 101 billion dollars at age 30
He was born August 5 , 1930
J. Edgar Hoover was the first director of the FBI
He had a brother and sister Dean and June
He had 3 children Karen, Mark, and Eric
his parents worried about him being a loner
His uncle helped him get a job in USA Justice Department
1.Malcolm was born may 19,1925 in omaha,nebraska
married bill clinton
2.He was the 7th child of eight
she went to yale law school
3.He served as a spokesn in the 1950's & 60's for the nation of islam
4.Got married to betty sanders in january
5.Malcolm x was murdered in february 21,1965
got heR J.D.
Thomas Edison
Delos Cosgrove
He recieved his degree from the University of Virginia
He's from New Castle, Australia
He became the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic at age 63
2. Published children's book The Hobbit
Ever since he became CEO the Cleveland Clinic has been ranked as one of the best hospitals in America
He was elected into the Institute of Medicine
When he was about 17 his dog died. That's when he decided to become a veterinarian
He retired from surgery in 2006
Born on April 3,1934
in London,United Kingdom
she had one child named Hugo Eric Louis Van Lawick
4. Was in WW1
5. Was a professor at Oxford University.
3. Published The Lord of The Rings
*Born November 25,1835
Santiago Calatrava
Went to three different countries
Osama Bin Laden
Didn't go to College, went straight to the NBA
Santiago was born in July 28,1951
He took responsibility
Was MVP one time
*Born Febuary 6, 1911
*40th president
*Graduated with C average
*Nicknamed Dutch
*Died June 5, 2004
2. He had 6 wives
3. He had 24 children
He study at Polytechnic University in Valencia,Spain.
Second best selling Nike shoes
4. He was born on march 10, 1957
He married Robertina and had four children.
for the 9/11 attacks
*Wealthiest man of beginning of 20th century
He was awarded the Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects.
*Had little education
*Donated to charity
*Died on August 11 1919
He was born in washington D.C
on November 27 1955
5. He was the leader of the Al, Qeada
His dad was kept in a japanese prison during
born:October 7,1893
died:June 1979
Started writing stories when she was six.
She was entertained by her father who told her stories abut his grandfathers aquaintance with Sir walter Scott
Wrote children's books
world war two
3. He had an engerniering job until he quit
4. He invented hydrolic pressure.
for comedy
5. He was on Bill Nye the science guy
she wrote a book called- ''The Welfare Movement''
The earliest physician to have received a DSc,MD,and PhD from the London school of medicine
she worked with people who had breast cancer
she was privately educated
she married her husband at the age of 52
He constructed bridge called Calatravas Alamillo bridge.
Born February 17, 1963

Drafted in NBA 1984 (Round 1) (Pick 3) by Chicago Bulls

Won 6 NBA championships-14 MVP awards-Selected 14 All Star games-won 10 scoring titles

Had 3 kids Jeffrey, Marcus, Jasmine

He had a gambling problem, so he played baseball to solve his problems.
He first learned how to play the cornet.
He had 4 wives.
The Hot 5 and The Hot 7 were bands that Louis had created.
Marie Curie was the first woman to
win a Noble Prize.
She earned her degree in Warsaw's
"Floating University".
Her husband Pierre Curie led to the discovery of polonium and radium.
elvis was born in Tupleo, Tennissee, during the Great Depression.
Elizabeth Blackwell
Her mother died when she was 11.
1. Never got married.
She died on July 4, 1934.
2. She was born in Bristol, England
3. She died on 31 of May.
His parents were never rich ,but he got a guitar on his birthday.
before he stared performing and starred in movies, he was a truck driver.
He sold 1 billion records, more than the average artist.
4.She was the first female doctor
He didn't invent rock and roll ,but he approved it a lot.
5. She adopted an orphan
Babe Ruth
Born May 11, 1904
in Figueres, Spain
When he was 16 his mom
died of breast cancer
Marie Curie
Former Leader of communist Cuba, he now maintains influence over the present leaders
Led the overthrow of the Batista dictatorship of Cuba in 1959
There were multiple assassination attempts on his life including by the United States
Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born on January 31, 1919, was the youngest of five kids, and was born and raised by a single mother living in poverty.
Jackie Robinson went to school at Washington Jr. High School, John Muir High School, Pasadena Jr. College, and the University of California.
Jackie Robinson married Rachel Isum on July 19, 1922, then had 3 children. Jackie Jr. , David, and Sharon Robinson.
Jackie Robinson was the first African American to join Major League baseball. Jackie Robinson (42) was second baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and has made 137 home runs, has hit 1,518 balls, and has stolen 197 bases in his career. In 1947, he won the Rookie of the year award, in 1949, he won the National MVP, and in 1962 he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame.
Jackie Robinson retired on January 5, 1957. On, October 4, 1972 Robinson died of a heart attack
Robert Oppenheimer was born on April 22,1904.
Oppenheimer lived in a land called ''long land''.
Oppenheimer went to Harvard for three years.
Oppenheimer married Katherine Harrison.
Robert Oppenheimer was trying to stop war world II.
Born August 19, 1883 in Saumur, France
Raised by nuns and was taught how to sew
Had a brief career as a singer and perform in clubs
Opened her 1st clothes shop in1910
Met the wealthy Duke of Winister in 1920
Shut down her business because of World War II
parents of joseph stalin
besarion jughashvili and
ketevevan geladze
hitler was leader of the nazi party
and became chanceller of germany
hes a dictator
in 1933 as leder of third reich

Selena Q
he invaded poland which started world war 2
the holocause whitch resulted in the deaths of 6 millom jew
~She was in tejano music
hes the maker of Adidas
born on November 3,1900
~She was born April 16th 1971
~Nick names Mexican Madonna & Queen of tejano music .
didn't got to college
started manufacturing his shoes in 1924
~Her Quote "If you try to come off as the big time star with an attitude people wont like you "
nickname is Adi
~Died March 31,1995
turned his moms washroom into a a work shop
Born on October 28,1914 in New York City
He was a Medical Scientist.
Found the cure for polio.
Married Picasso's muse (Francoise Gilot.)
Died on June 23,1995
Babe ruth was one out of eight kids
His real name was george hurman ruth
Babe ruth led the
red sox to three
Babe lost his battle with cancer on Augest 19,1948
Babe Ruth appeared in 5 games with the red sox.
Real name is Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marqués de Dalí de Pubol
Well known for his art piece, 'The Persistance of Memory'
Died on January 28, 1989 at the age of 84
Major influence on the Surrealist movement because of his "paranoiac-critical method"
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