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Vancouver Carol Ships Sustainable Event Plan

Helping a Vancouver tradition become more sustainable

Daniella Badke

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Vancouver Carol Ships Sustainable Event Plan

What Is It? 23 Nights
20+ Yachts
3 Hour Cruise
Light Decorations
Onshore Festivities Where Is It? Currently Starts at Coal Harbour
Cruises around Vancouver
Harbour and into False Creek
Approximately 3 hour cruise
Ends at Coal Harbour Future Options To Sail? Or Not? - Reduce yachts from 20 independent yachts
to 1 - 2 larger ones - Limit sailing time to 1 hour - Source eco-conscious yachts - Turn off engine when cruise is done - Dock boats for the evening, allow guests to go
on and off boats - Dinner can still be served on the boats - Dock boats at a harbour where there is a
restaurant Option 1 Option 2 - Dinner can be served in the restaurant Food Waste The majority of waste on the ships is from food prep and uneaten food. Food Waste How can we eliminate food destined for the garbage dump? Sustainable Caterers: Savoury City One Planet Caterers Chef Laura The Lazy Gourmet Peake of Catering Sustainable Practices: - Local, in-season, organic produce - Re-usable dishes, glasses and flatware - Source fair-trade goods - Grass-fed meat and meat products - Source Ocean Wise fish and seafood - Compost food scraps and leftovers - Recycle food packaging - Donate left over food to local shelters - Environmentally safe cleaning products - Recycle cooking oil - Conscious of water usage - Green delivery vehicles Energy Current Energy Yachts are lavishly decorated with
traditional tungsten bulbs on top of
regular electricity used for lighting, heating, air conditioning, a/v, etc Reduce? - Only LED lighting permitted for decor lights (reduce 90% electricity caused by
Christmas lights) - Maximun amount of lightbulbs (50% less than what is used currently) Carbon Emissions Direct Emissions Emissions from running the boat (exhaust, heating, etc) Indirect Emissions Attendee travel, food production, etc Event Mile Transportation Offsite Office Materials Food Prep Food & Beverage Ticketing Venue AV & Production Lighting Public transportation will be encouraged by offering reimbursement and/or the guest will be entered
into a draw for a prize (with proof of transit). Local, organic, fair trade foods will be sourced that contain minimal water use and a lower carbon footprint LED decorative lights will significantly reduce the loss of energy by approximately 90%. LED light expectancy is 100,000 hours. A cap of how many lights and/or wattage being used will also be in affect. APEX
STANDARDS Yachts are to be powered by diesel-motored generators. They will also come equipped with small windmills and solar panels on their masts. This will power the boats with solar and wind energy. Yachts are to turn off engines when they are stationary. This includes stops at ports of calls en route. All registration and ticketing will be managed with an online database. All scraps are to be composted. Dinner will be served as a plated meal on porcelain plates. Glassware and stainless steel flatware will also be utilized. Offsite office will be in an organizer's home. All necessary printing will be done on recycled paper using a vegetable based ink. Electronic devices will be completely powered down when not in use and managed with the use of a power bar. Each yacht will be equipped with traditional carol books. These books will be used for the duration of the event every year it runs. Paper Waste Paper Waste Sustainable Practices Measurement Food & Paper - Posters/Signage - Carol Books - Tickets - Napkins - Registration Documents - Paperless Ticketing - Non-Specific Signage
(no dates to reuse annually) - Correspondence done electronically - Reuse Carol Books annually - Electronic Registration and Ticketing
(use of computers, tablets, smart phones) - Recycling, Garbage, Compost Bins aboard each vessel - Contents of bins weighed each night by staff member - Complete count of total waste at the end of December Yearly goal is to decrease amount of waste produced, especially in garbage - Heating kept to a minimum - Interior lighting dimmed - Mics and speakers turned off while not in use Energy Waste Calculation Amount of energy used has been dramatically reduced by 219.875 kW Calculation *Please note: Distance was measured on Google Earth
Starting Point: Canada Place
Ports of Calls: Lion's Gate Bridge, False Creek, Science World, Lion's Gate Bridge, Canada Place Measurements for Sustainability Qualitative Measurements Quantitative Measurements - Interview stakeholders - Survey attendees - Read Publications & Press Releases - Observe community involvement - Survey public - Transportation emissions - Amount of waste left over - Monies from event - Amount of sponsors - Money raised for specific cause - Staff needed to execute event Green Marketing Plan - Online Marketing Strategies - Reduce waste by using paperless
technology rather than flyers and
printed promotional material. Marketing Channels carolships.org Online ticketing (eventbrite.ca) Online registration Banner ads Event websites Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) Blogs Public Relations Sustainable Event Standards Process: Reporting: BS 8901 | ISO 20121 - Plan, Do, Check, Act GRI Standards SEMT Sustainable Event Management Tool Provided by Meeting Planners International (MPI) - track our impact and reduce - measure CO2, H2O, recycling rates, KWH's - provide graphics, charts, and reports to help
improve with future events Community Service Project Objectives: - Promote tourism in
GreaterVancouver - Promote development of
interrelated marine activities - Provide a traditional carol ship
and shoreside celebration of
lights during the Holiday Season Proposed Project - School-based food and toy drive during month of December - School's top collector wins family passes to one of several
tourist attractions - Every student participating will receive free hot chocolate
and snack at concessions during event. - At various parks associated with the Parade, there will also
be information on different attractions in Greater Vancouver
and in relation to marine activities MAUDE Framework Unique: Destination: Aligns: Meaningful: Engaging: Promotes Holiday Cheer, Community, and giving to those in need Allows those who can give to do so to neighbouring areas in Greater Vancouver that have less Closely with the event objective of promoting tourism, makes people knowledgeable about marine activities, and promotes Carol Ships and shoreline celebration Students learn about local tourism, donate to the less fortunate, and year after year the receiving families can depend on the charitable donations Students and their families participate in the event and in donating to a good cause
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