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This Prezi is a project for my enrichment teacher, Mr. Stack

Anna Jani

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Music

The End I hope you guys enjoied my Prezi! :) My favorite song is Paradise by Coldplay. It's such an awesome song. But a big qusetion I had was, "How do you make such a great song?"

I found the answer while I was surfing on YouTube. Chris Martin, the lead singer said that it's really hard. He just sits at his piano and sees what sounds right and just kinda pieces it altogether. By Anna Jani Music But in 90's and before, they didn't have any of those kind of singers. Taylor Swift was a little kid.... ...And Justin Bieber was barely a toddler! Google Images Google Images Google Images Google Images Info: Youtube.com Info: Wikipedia.com Bing Images Bing Images Google Images Google Images Green Day's my favorite band Here's my top favorite songs that they made: 1. Boulavard of Broken Dreams

2. 21 Guns

3. Good Riddance Here's the Guys who are in it: Billie Joe Armstrong:
Born February 17, 1972 (Age 41)
Height: 5'7"
Lead Singer, piano, gutarist

Tre Cool: Born December 9, 1972 (Age 40)

Mike Dirnt: Born May 4, 1972 (Age 41)
Height: 5'10" Gutarist, Backup singer Info: wikipedia.com Green Day has been around since 1989 Newest Album: "Tre!"
Released January 15, 2013 It's the awesomest music video site ever!!!! I YouTube!!!! You can like and dislike videos You can also watch YouTube videos on your phone You can post music videos and other stuff...... ....And music video parodies Google Images This girl is on fire!!! That's what makes you beautiful!!!! So Call Me Maybe!! ;) Today, there are so many artists like Carly Rae Jepsen and One Direction. But they're new singers I hope you had the time of your life. Google Images
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