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Beam Bridges

No description

soso shashi

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Beam Bridges

Why is there a Beam Bridge?
There is a beam bridge over roads so that more cars can go at the same time. There is a beam bridge over lakes and rivers because sometimes there are not enough boats so you have to go over the lake or river by using a bridge. So, bridges are used for transportation over places that a vehicle can't go over.
What does a beam bridge look like?
This is how a beam bridge looks like:
Beam Bridge Materials
For the beam part of the beam bridge, engineers mostly use concrete. For extra support, they put steel rods underneath the concrete beam in the shape of a capital i to make it stronger.
Pros and Cons
Pros: A beam bridge is easy to build, it is not that expensive compared to other bridges, and beam bridges are also easily used in rural and urban communities.

Cons: Beam bridges have a limited span on the top, they are not made very eye-catching, and large ships can't go underneath it.
What forces are used on a Beam Bridge?
When something goes on top of the bridge, the top beam experiences compression where the beam is being pushed down. The bottom part of the beam would be experiencing tension where it is being pulled downwards.
Beam Bridges
What is a beam bridge?
A beam bridge is a bridge that is mostly used on roads and also over rivers and lakes. A beam bridge has thick pillars on the bottom and has a straight concrete bridge on top.
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