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American Apparel Rebranding

No description

Ioana Vartosu

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of American Apparel Rebranding

฿ Background Why American Apparel Brand
Equity Dynamics Industry Competitive Position QUESTIONS? Consumer Base Movember is Over

Trashy to Sassy

Bazinga Basics Bazinga
Basics Trashy to Sassy Revamp the look of advertising Movember is Over!
Dov Charney: Hero or a loser?
Inappropriate behavior in public
Put Dov Charney aside
New spokesperson
Represent the company’s vision, brand values and target customers. Implementation LA based manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of basic apparel
Advantages: simple designs, no brand names, high quality, competitive wages, made in America products
Known for edgy advertising campaigns and political activism declining market share
poor public image
low profitability
ambiguous brand strategy
bleak future prospects
High quality perception
Price premiums
High consumer satisfaction levels Key Success Factors
Customer Service
Adaptability to trends
Inventory Control Recommendations The Problem Success Criteria increase market share
create positive brand image
promote brand loyalty
opportunity for future growth Less sexual, more sensual images
Promote causes (immigration, gay rights, politics)
Use popular culture (eg. comic book characters) expansion into diverse product lines
differentiate through quality and 'Made in the USA'
premium pricing Target market: "Hipsters"
- 20's-30's, free thinkers, progressive politics, art/music culture, fashion forward
- vintage and androgynous styles
- value quality and willing to pay high prices for basics Lack name recognition, financial, and marketing resources
Narrow product scope
CEO (Dov Charney) hurts brand opinion Positive Negative
Large, competitive market
Demand driven by rapidly changing designs lack of fashionable products
shocking advertisements
eccentric CEO Customer Loyalty Re-invigorate basic apparel line
Continuously update fashion products
Offer product variety in pop culture & political activism Short Term:
- remove Charney as face of the brand
- add a spokesperson
Medium Term:
- less shock, more awe
- pop culture & political activism ads
Long Term:
- maintain image
- fashion trend setters
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