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Teacher as Warm Demander

No description

Lacy M.

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Teacher as Warm Demander

REACH FOR THE STARS Teacher as Warm Demander by:Lacy McIntosh Gifted learners require specialized instruction
to meet their cognitive, academic, and social-emotional needs In the absence of a challenging environment
gifted students have
the potential to become apathetic and lose their motivation to learn. In addition to providing students with differentiated content knowledge and process skills, what's the best approach to help my gifted students combat underachievement? Tshabmoo
(3rd Grade) Student Interests & Strengths: Student struggles with: "Well rounded" student
Has many friends
Sense of humor
Motivated by like-minded peers
Persistent, patient, cooperative , serious, kind
Enjoys Science, especially chemistry
Wants to be the Pastor of a church one day Organization

"Follow Through"

Responsibility for his own learning Cristofer
(2nd Grade) Student Strengths & Interests Student Struggles with Very articulate
Not afraid to speak in front of a crowd
Has a knack for fund raising and
community projects
Strengths in reading and Writing
Heavy interest in Science Time Management
Responsibility for his own learning Ethan
(2nd Grade) Student Strengths & Interests Cooperative and kind
Aware of the feelings of others and doesn't want to hurt peoples feelings
Very outgoing student with many friends
Enjoys looking at more than one way to solve a problem
Shares learning experiences with others.
Academic strength in math and reading Let's meet my students! Student struggles with: Persistence
Revisiting, Revising, and Refining work
Responsibility for own learning What is a
Warm Demander? How can I use the
Demander Approach
to encourage my students
to become
? Warm Autonomous Learners Warm Demanders are educators that communicate personal warmth and
use an instructional style called
"active demandingness". They insist that students perform at a high level at all times. Action
Steps Communicate an expectation

of success in a clear and

consistent way.
on students meeting those

expectations. Exercise an Establish a caring relationship that convinces students that I believe in them. unconditional positive regard for my students Insist How will this affect me as a teacher in the future? Going forward in future years I will continue to use the warm demander approach to challenge my students to take responsibility for their academic success and to always produce high quality work. After doing this study I realized just how much I care about the unique needs of my students. I noticed that when my students had setbacks or challenges I would take them on as if they were my own. I then pushed students to get back on track. My ultimate goal is for my students to be able to "push" themselves to do better.

I learned that I need to be more patient with students as they attempt to become autonomous learners, because taking charge of your own learning is a process. All gifted students can and should benefit from the Warm Demander approach. Every student needs an adult in their lives who is patient with them, interested in them as a person, and will continually challenge them to meet their full potential and to ALWAYS ... Student Growth Over Time Tshabmoo
(3rd Grade) Now Organization: In the beginning Tshabmoo would lose paperwork and had no form of organization with his project materials and write-ups.

Follow Through: Tshabmoo would want to move from project to project without completing the previous project. He would have a few projects open at the same time.

Responsibility for Learning: Tshabmoo would have to be prompted to revisit a project. He would need constant check-ins on progress instead of 1 or 2 conferences to keep him on track. Organization: Tshabmoo keeps everything in a folder. He brings his folder to each of his gifted sessions.

Follow Through: He has more focus now but he still has many interests and likes to have a few things going at once.

Responsibility for Learning: Tshabmoo works on projects in class when he has completed classwork without being asked. He is thinking about college and possible career opportunities. Start Student Growth Over Time Cristofer
(2nd Grade) Now Time Management: Cristofer would often come to Gifted services without having completed a task that was due and he would say that he didn't have enough time. His classroom teacher would tell me that she did indeed give him plenty of time to complete the project but that he had difficulty saying focused.

Motivation: Cristofer would verbally express interest in certain topics and activities but had very little motivation when it was time to complete the activities. He would often tell his teacher that he didn't want to complete a certain assignment or ask "why do I have do this" ?

Responsibility for learning: Cristofer didn't embrace autonomy at all. Sometimes he'd complete his assignments and sometimes he wouldn't. Not only did he not challenge himself but he only did just enough to get by. Time Management: He still needs work in this area but he is getting better at using his time more efficiently to complete assignments.

Motivation: Cristofer seems to have an attitude shift in that he wants to participate when we are studying a topic of interest for him.

Responsibility for Learning: Cristofer now speaks up about what his interests are. He takes initiative and asks his classroom teacher for time to complete independent projects after he has finished classwork. After speaking with him about higher education and career opportunities he now wants to go to college and get his Master's degree. Start Student Growth Over Time Now Persistence: Ethan gives up fairly easily. When he becomes frustrated with an appropriate challenge he uses few attempts at problem solving before he wants to stop working.

Revising, and Refining work: Once Ethan has completed the first draft of a piece of writing or work on a project he feels that he is finished. He becomes visibly frustrated when he has to revise or make changes to his work and sometimes will not comply.

Responsibility for own learning: Ethan is not self directed or independent in his learning experiences. He needs lots of direction from the teacher and lacks self-reflective skills that would help him grow academically. Persistence: Ethan will often push through his frustration now even through tears as he's trying to work through a particular challenge, but he is so proud of himself once he succeeds.

Revising and Refining work: Ethan is getting used to having to revise and refine work and has become more cooperative in the process, but he still doesn't like it very much.

Responsibility for Learning: He is becoming more self-aware both academically and emotionally. Though not independent yet Ethan is becoming more self-directed. He takes learning experiences to the next level on his own by researching interesting or necessary topics without being prompted which yields a more in-depth study for him within his projects. Start Ethan
(2nd Grade) When a student's academic performance doesn't meet their potential students may need support in other areas. Research suggests that mentorship/sponsorship are important to gifted individuals and can help to combat underachievement. I chose the Warm Demander approach.
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