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Step by Step Process to your Current Events Part 2

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Denise Donohue

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Step by Step Process to your Current Events Part 2

Step by Step Process to your Current Events Part 2
Step 1
Edit your summary in class. Switch with a partner and have them edit your work.
Step 2
Create a 2nd paragraph. You must address the following questions in that paragraph.
1. What is the impact your event is having on the world.
2. Who are the important people and/or organizations in your article.
3. What other event in HISTORY compares to this event and the impact it had on the world. (Compare and contrast your events.)
4. What do ou predict will happen because of this event?
Step 3
Using your bubble maps as a guide, construct a 2nd paragraph. Make sure you only have 2 spaces after your summary paragraph.

Use your
words, do not copy, cut or paste from your article or internet.
Step 4
Edit your draft

Have someone else (a peer, a teacher, a parent) edit your paper for grammatical errors, spelling, and dead words (like, a lot, got).

Retype final draft.
Step 5
Print out vocab and summary page.
Staple your summary page, then vocab, then article. Congrats! You are ready to hand it in to your teacher!
Let's look at the following paragraph:

Using the proper tools to help you
To better help you with your 4 questions, create a bubble map. Put each question in the center of the bubble and branch out your answers. Look at the example:
What is the impact my
event has on the world
Economy suffers because
of rescue and repair efforts
Damage to
people out of work
Loss of homes
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