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How Maker Mentality Transforms Instruction

No description

anah wiersema

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of How Maker Mentality Transforms Instruction

Who We Are

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders is an all-girls public school in Austin.

Our demographics reflect the diversity of Austin and over 60% of our girls will be the first in their families to go to college.

Outside our bubble...
Girls lose interest in Math in MS & HS
Lack of women in STEM fields
13% of Engineers
25% of Computer & Math Sciences
Lack of leadership roles filled by women in public and private sector
More testing, less making
Where we started

Pockets of Making
Where we needed to go
In our bubble...
All girls:
Take STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) classes
Engage in project-based units, cooperative and student centered learning
See themselves as problem solvers
How the Maker Mentality Transforms Instruction

Ann Richards School
For Young Women Leaders
Austin, TX

Jeanne Goka
Kris Waugh and Anah Wiersema

Is it Working?
Of our 3 graduating classes:

-100% have been accepted to 4-year colleges
-100% DAP graduates
-98% are still persisting in college
-45% are pursuing a STEM field

Of our current students:
-Increasing number of students pursuing our HS Engineering pathway (Next year's freshman 37%)
-All of our 8th graders know how to use all tools in MakerSpace
-Large number of students see themselves as Makers

Who are you?

12ft Trailer
31ft AirStream
Green House
Ideas to steal
Understanding of why "Making" Matters
"...You always tell us we're the
.... and when we get the
chance to create
new things, it teaches us that maybe we can
the future."
-8th Grade Student
"We don't let the teacher stand at the front and teach us how to do things.
We teach ourselves how to do things.
" -8th Grade Student
Our Mission Statement
The Space Before
Almost there...
Meet your Maker(SPACE)
It's empowering
Keys to
Maker Education
All Students
The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders dedicates itself to prepare young women to attend and graduate from college, commit to a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, lead with courage and compassion and solve problems creatively and ethically in support of our global community.
It's not just renovating
Common Vision
Teacher Training
Safety and Management of the Space
Curriculum, Curriculum, Curriculum
It's not optional
What are we doing in there?
Project Ventura
Thank you and Questions
We are currently preparing students for jobs that don't exist, using technologies that haven't been created, in order to solve problems we don't even know are problems yet.
To get change you must create an anxiety to make it necessary.
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