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No description

Julien Briant

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of lalalalalalal

Lenny Henry
British actor/comedian/writer
*1958 in England; Jamaican roots
runs campaigns for equal opportunities for ethnic minorities in Britain
engaged in charity work for developing countries
Only 5.3% of UK TV ads included actors from ethnic minorities
white actors
actors from ethnic minorities
source: theguardian.com
use of stereotypes in TV & movies
actors from ethnic minorities
suffer from stereotyping
Lenny Henry's speech
rarely play central characters
biography of Lenny Henry
presentation of the problems Lenny Henry adresses in his speech
reflection section
conclusion section
time to take notes!
black assistant in Waking the Dead
black assistant in Spooks
black assistant in Dr. Who
...rarely play central characters
actors from ethnic minorities...
reflection section
prejudices against ethnic minorities are still an issue in British society
...concluding the use of ideologys in commercials
...and support the persistence of racism
...those are pictured by stereotypes in TV&movies
note section
reflects how society thinks
What did I learn today?
prejudices are still an issue in western thinking
stereotyping of ethnic minorities in TV&movies
underusage of actors from ethnic minorities in commercials
actors from ethnic minorities rarely play central roles
prejudices support the persistence of racism
...also preventing ethnic minorities from representing central characters
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