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Social Media Tactics and Alumni Relations Success

This is a presentation Ruby Lee put together for the CASE Asia Pacific Advancement Conference 2014. This is not a standalone presentation. Please contact Ruby at rhylee@unimelb.edu.au if you have any questions.

ruby lee

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Social Media Tactics and Alumni Relations Success

Social Media
Tactics to Achieve Alumni Relations Success

by @RubyLee
Digital Communications Manager
University of Melbourne

1. About Me
Work in Australia over 10 years
Specialised in:
Social media
Digital communications
Web development
Personal favourite Social Media Platform:
2. Social Media 2013
Relationships Building
Social media is used to build meaningful relationships rather than
Social Media & China
Free Trade Zone
September 2013 SCMP reported China’s decision to
lift a ban on internet access
within the
Shanghai Free-trade Zone
to foreign websites including
New York Times
to attract foreign companies to invest and to let foreigners live and work happily in the FTZ and feel like home.
Three Chinese
Social Media Networks
Email VS Social Media
Monthly active users:
3. Alumni Relations and Social Media in 2013 and beyond
MBA Schools
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth interviewed 70 top MBA schools to learn more about their social media usage.

83% of the MBA Schools use social media as
alumni relations engagement
tool (second highest after student recruitment)
is used exclusively for alumni relations

How it impacts alumni relations success?
University Page
Linkedin Publishing
and Linkedin as a research tool (not so new but worth a mention)
Listen to alumni and discover advocates
Find lost alumni
Collect employment details
4. UOM Alumni
UOM Alumni & Social Media
Alumni Engagement Pipeline
4.3 What now?
Alumni Relations Strategies
Enhance the
student experience

Raise awareness among students of
role of and value
derived from
being an active
member of the University Alumni Community
Create and deliver a suite of coordinated offerings that
encourage take up
, maximise efficiencies and
building affinity
for the University among alumni
for the University

5. Social Media Tactics
Daily communications examples
Collaboration within the University and with alumni
Social Media campaigns

What do I post daily?
University achievements and updates
Alumni in the news
Events and benefits
Cultural messages
Gift announcements and impact stories
Career information
Current affairs / interesting topics
Working with my colleagues and alumni
International Offices
@GlynDavisVC Twitter
University Marketing
Alumni Associations

Social Media Campaigns
Create buzz for special occasions
Increase in alumni affinity with the University
Strengthen their sense of pride
Create reusable content for other channels
Rhonda Ketut
Share your moments
2014 Graduation Social Media Campaign
Alumni on the World Stage
Celebrate the launch of the Melbourne University Magazine 2012
Invite alumni to be part of the magazine
6. Discussion
Social Media Campaigns you have seen which can be applied in the Alumni Relations context?
Do you use social media channels as fund-raising tool? Is social media an effective tool - why and why not?

Thank you!
Connect with me
Twitter: @rubylee
Email: rhylee@unimelb.edu.au

By Erik Qualman (@eQualman)
Author of Socialnomics, Digital Leader and Crisis and speaker on social media
Sina Weibo
as many users as Twitter
of Chinese internet population uses Weibo

Ren Ren
147 million registered users
31 million active users per month
Social networking platform for the college-educated population in China
Mobile platform
100 million users
Whatsapp sold to Facebook for $19B (42M monthly active user), WeChat $231B
CASE Survey 2013

Alumni Relations

84% use social media as
alumni engagement tool
90% use Facebook
73% use Twitter and Linkedin
is the most successful in meeting goals

CASE Survey 2013

Contacted regularly by email
and/or social media
known living alumni
who are contactable
Over 79,000 are age between 30 to 39
69% of parents are friends with their kids in SM
Collaborative Technologies
Does your institution use social media for
donor stewardship
purpose or
current donors communications
YES: 52%
N0: 48%
Does your institution use social media channels to
raise money
NO: 53%
YES: 47%
What's new?
6800 members
11,800 fans
Alumni in the news
Pinterest Board
5 subgroups
by interest and location
Chinese New Year Greetings
Melbourne's position is now number 43 in the 2014 THE Reputation Rankings
Alumni in the News
Interesting Topics
Alumni Benefits
BJ and SH office
University Page
Alumni Associations
Alumni Events
Created: September 24, 2007
Group members: 12,919
Latest social media account created:
Integrated communications
Encourage user-generated content
88,000 voted for ‘Team Ketut’
via Twitter and the campaign’s microsite
Sadly, Trent Toogood never had a chance
Campaign Microsite
Create a
festive and celebratory atmosphere

on campus for graduands.
Introduce graduands to the
concept of alumni
, and promoting the
achievements of the alumni community.
Encourage and promote methods for
new alumni to engage
with the University.

Share your moments
The Campaign
Post your graduation photos on with the
on Twitter or Like
Melbourne Uni Alumni on Facebook

To Win
A $500 voucher for a new work wardrobe
a personal shopping session with a professional stylist.
Share your moments
Promotions: offline
Ceremony Ticket
Conferral Booklet
Asphalt signage around
the venues
Share your moments
Promotions: online
Counting down to graduation-
Featuring 11 Young Alumni
Using famous quote as congratulations message
Repost content to University Marketing and Faculty social media channels
Publish #UOMGrad hashtag on staff news and Yammer
Internal Promotions and Collaborations
Share your moments
Styling workshop
Content is used in
Alumni eNews
Careers & Employment website
Career webinar
Social Media
Print publication
Share your moments
Number of photos shared in each social media channel:
Twitter: 21
Instagram: 590
Facebook: 37

Increase in number of followers in each social media channel:
Facebook: 415
Twitter: 91
648 photos
were shared during the campaign in 2013; compared to 2012 there were
64% more photos shared
Share your moments
The Campaign
Post a photo of your current location on our wall, Twitter or Instagram
Tag the photo with #uomalumni
Be featured in the magazine website
2013 Melbourne University Magazine Website
Facebook post
Instagram: savingit4ron
Know your audience
More than
100,000 people engaged
with the brand to help resolve the love triangle
Find detailed results of the survey at http://bit.ly/1lpUO55
Find detailed results of the survey at http://bit.ly/1lpUO55
Impact stories
by Leonie Boxtel
Director (Alumni Relations and Communications)
University of Melbourne
Career Webinar
Weber State Duckling Rescue
Oreo's Trending Vending
Lounge at SXSW
Skype Crowdsource for New Feature/Product Ideas
Photos, photos, photos!!
University Updates
Share your moments
Facebook Album
CASE Asia Pacific Advancement Conference 2014
3 - 4 April 2014

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