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The Shining

No description

Autumn Westbrook

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of The Shining

The Shining
~Stephen King Setting Flashback Character Versus Self By: Autumn Westbrook The setting is the time and place where the events in a book,movie,ect. take place. A flashback is when something tells what happened at an earlier time, interrupting the action of a plot. Character versus self is when a character has to make an internal decision. Dialogue Dialogue is the conversation between characters. Character A character is a person or animal who takes part in a story, of if it is the main character, who the story basically revolves around. Dynamic Character A dynamic character is a character that changes as the story progresses and comes to an end. Internal Conflict An internal conflict is a conflict that takes place in a character's mind. Point Of View Point of view is how the story is told. (E.g.: First person, third person.) Direct Characterization Direct characterization is when the writer tells the reader upfront how a character looks, acts, dresses, or their physical make-up. Conflict A conflict is a struggle or problem between different characters or forces. Character Versus Character Character versus character is when one character is in an external conflict with another character. Static Character A static character does not change much during the story. Allusion An allusion is a reference to something from mythology, history, literature, politics, science, sports, or religion. Onomatopoeia Onomatopoeia is the use of words to represent sounds. (boom, pow, zap ) Personification Personification is a figure of speech in which nonhuman or nonliving things are given human traits, such as talking or walking. He had whirled Danny around to spank him, his big adult fingers digging into the scant meat of the boy's forearm, meeting around it in a closed fist, and the sound of the breaking bone had not been loud, not loud but very loud, HUGE, but not loud. pg. 17 "The Overlook Hotel" pg. 4 "In 1970, Mr. Shockley and a group of his associates bought the hotel and turned it's management over to me." pg. 7 Words used: He, the, them, they. pg. 4 Main character: Jack Torrence pg. 1 Ullman stood five-five... The part in his hair was exact, and his dark suit was sober but comforting. pg. 1 " You got a knack," Hallorann said, turning to him. "Me, I've always called it the shining. That's what my grandmother called it, too. She had it. We used to sit in the kitchen when I was a boy no older than you and have long talks without even openin our mouths." pg. 79 " Let me out of here!" Jack raged. "Let me out! Danny, dog-gone it, this is your father and I want to get out! Now do what I tell you!" pg. 377 He showed them some rooms where a lady named Marilyn Monroe once stayed while she was married to a man named Arthur Miller... pg. 93 Boom... boom.... boomboomBOOMBOOM.. pg. 129 She whirled around and slashed at the hand, which had turned the lock and was now fumbling for the bolt. pg. 412 Wendy against Jack. Danny's small hands groped at the bolt. Wendy was too far away to help; the issue of whether he would be locked in or free was going to be decided in two seconds. pg. 377 Only the bottles, standing stiffly, at attention. pg. 357 " It's going to crash!" The women was crying out shrilly. "Oh, I just know it is!" pg. 358 Jack Torrence is a normal, everyday dad pursuing a new job, but slowly and through out the story, he becomes mentally unstable. Danny Torrence is a five year old boy who stays the same through out the story. Background music This is a video clip that displays how Jack Torrence is a dynamic character because through out the story, he slowly becomes mentally unstable. The video also shows Danny's shine, and how it can be a problem.
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