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What's That Vocabulum!

Today's Topic: Rolling stone gathers NO Moss

Savannah Rose

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of What's That Vocabulum!

Vocabulum!!! BY: Savannah And Now For... Today's vocabulum is... If you said :
A person who's always on the move and doesn't save much... Our word of the day is... Any guesses what
it means??? It means changes
direction or plans!!! What's that vocabulum?? Rolling Stone Gathers
No Moss!!! You are correct!
CONGRATS!!! VEER!!!!! Any questions???? The famous Dutch theologian and scholar Erasmus used it in 1523! Thanks for watching What's That Vocabulum!!! Host:
Savannah Credits
to: Please do NOT call
1-800-123-9876 Sponsored By:
Spongebob If you look under you seats you will see there are no gift bags! :) Hope you enjoyed Origin If the stone rolls moss can't grow on it!!! Dictionary of Idioms
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