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Halloween by Nick Varga

No description

M2K Kids

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Halloween by Nick Varga

Historical Facts
Halloween was a pagan ritual. The full name of Halloween is: All Hallows Evening. The Gaels, the people of that religion, believed that the dead would cause "havoc" such as sickness or damaged crops.
When Halloween Started
Halloween started off as Samhain, it is a vey ancient holiday and historians don't know when it started. Historians made a guess that it was about 2,000 years ago.
What Does Halloween Mean
Halloween means 2 things. One is Samhain, an ancient Celtic holiday. All Hallows Eve, also known as All Saints Eve, A Christian holiday.
Trick or treating started in Britain and Ireland, it was called souling. Kids and poor people would sing and do prayers for cake and money.
Websites Used
History.com HalloweenHistory.org Quizfactz.com wikipedia.com historicmysteries.com
Where Halloween Originated
Halloween started as a Celtic holiday called Samhain (sah-win). It was the holiday that marked the end of harvest season and the start of Winter. They believe the change of seasons was a bridge from the land of the dead, to the living.
Halloween by Nick Varga
Origin of Trick or Treating
How Halloween Came to America
Halloween started in America when people from Scotland and Ireland came to America and kept their traditions. Over the years Halloween changed into what it is today.
How the Jack-o-Lantern Come About
In Ireland the name Jack o Lantern meant a night watchman with a lantern. In Ireland they have a legend where this guy named Jack tricked the devil to make a deal so that when he died he wouldn't go to the place down south. So when Jack died god didn't except him and the devil kept his promise and did not take him, but he gave him a piece of coal and a gourd so he goes around through the night with his coal burning in the gourd.
The Werewolf
Another name for werewolves are Lycanthropes, it came from the Roman king name Lycaon (origin of the name). Jupiter Turned him into a werewolf after he served human meat to the gods. In the original werewolf legends a full moon had nothing to do with werewolves, they changed shape at will. Some people thnk it's the way people explained wolves with rabies, or humans with rabies. Some people think they are just serial/cannibal killers. The world may never know.
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