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Touching Spirit Bear

Sumer book report-Prezi Book: Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelson

Jhona Jingco

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear

"If I like the cake, maybe the ingredients are okay, too." -Cole No one in the healing circle knew how strongly he could swim. Not even Garvey. Whatever you do to the animals, you do to yourself. Remember that. Somehow I have to figure out a way to help Peter. Until then, I'll never be able to carve anything in the blank space. Touching Spirit Bear Ben Mikaelsen He felt the bear's breath and heartbeat. And he felt one more thing. He felt trust. He forced himself to again imagine a baby sparrow with an opened beak. Food was energy, and energy was life. Each time you do this, you'll find more meaning, and you'll learn respect. _____________________________ "I think someone should smash Cole's head against a sidewalk so he knows how it feels. Where's the at.oow? "A whale migrates but it doesn't have a home. I feel like the whales." -Cole "It made me mad that the bear wasn't afraid of me. I wanted to destroy anything that defied me." Cole But the Spirit Bear was also a memory that would never disappear from his mind or heart. "People change two ways- with slow persistent pressure, or with a single and sudden traumatic experience." -Edwin Cole spotted a whale swimming past the island. That night he danced the whale dance this is what he learned: Many times Cole searched for the at.oow that Garvey gave to him as a gift. When Cole spotted it, he felt a sudden warmth and held it close to him. Cole tried to get off the island by swimming. The strong waves of the night kept pushing him back to the island until he eventually gave up and returned back to shore. After the horrendous storm, Cole realized how precious life was, and that he wanted to stay alive. He needed to eat something. When the bear finally stopped attacking Cole, the bear came up an arms distance away from Cole, where he reached out and touched the pure white bear standing in front of him. The second time that Cole had seen the Spirit Bear, he ran towards it, with intention to kill it. But the bear fought back, attacking Cole, swinging its paws and knocking Cole to the ground, almost killing him. Cole had seen many animals on the island, all of which taught him a lesson about his life. But Peter realized that nothing more could be carved into the last empty space of his totem pole until he found a way to help Peter heal. Peter, obviously upset about what Cole had done to him, expressed his opinion about Cole's punishment during Circle Justice. While Cole was still staying in his detention cell, Garvey visited him and made him try all the ingredients to a cake separately, then let Cole eat a piece of the cake he had made. Cole responded by saying that the cake sucks, and so does his life. After some time alone on the island, Cole began thinking otherwise. "All life is a hot dog. Make of it what you will. I suggest you make your time here on the island a celebration." -Garvey Cole Matthews had released his anger out on Peter Driscal, slamming his head on the sidewalk until he bled. As punishment, Cole could either do time in prison or choose to be part of an organization called Circle Justice, where they chose to isolate him on the Alaskan island, Drake. Just to get out of being locked behind prison bars, Cole chooses isolation, away from his abusive father,his careless mother, his family's lawyer, and his victim, Peter Driscal. With the help of Edwin, an old Tlingit Alaskan elder, and Garvey, a parole officer from Minnesota, Cole stayed on the island trying to figure out the purpose of his own life. How could a boy filled with so much anger and hatred find meaning or purpose in his life? Cole has gone through a spiritual journey to discover himself, but found something better. Though Cole was the one to physically touch the Spirit Bear, it was the Spirit Bear that had touched the heart of one boy that learned to become invisible. Edwin had taught Cole to carry the ancestor rock up the slope and pushing it back down. The rock resembled his anger, which he carried with him, and pushing it down the slope was symbolic, as Cole released his own anger. After Cole had eaten his hot dog, Garvey took his own and sprinkled salt and pepper, added cheese and tomato, and squirted a small circle of ketchup. He cut it into three slices and shared it with Cole and Edwin. Cole just thought he was making a big deal out of a hot dog, but Garvey was making it a celebration, which he shared with them. "Because the dance of anger taught me I can't heal until I help Peter to heal. he's the one I hurt." -Cole Cole had finally danced the dance of anger. From it, he learned the one thing that Edwin told him he was to discover from this spiritual journey. Edwin had tried to persuade the members of Circle Justice of Cole's change since his few days on the island and after the bear attack. He pretended that a black line across the floor was life. He and Cole shoved one another until they got to the end of the line. Then Edwin caught Cole off guard and pushed Cole so that he fell to the floor.
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