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1.06 Face of Freedom

United States History V12 (3739)

Prezi Teacher

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of 1.06 Face of Freedom

1.06 Face of Freedom
From the African American Experience The Globe Book Company:
"Keeping African Americans men from voting was only one way the South attacked the rights of African Americans. The Southern states also saw to it that laws were passed establishing strict separation between African American and whites. Segregation is the separation by law or custom of racial groups on public transportation and in public facilities and residential areas. African Americans and whites couldn’t ride in the same streetcars or railway cars or even sit in the same passenger stations. African Americans and whites couldn’t be treated in the same hospitals or buried in the same cemeteries. This was the system that became known as
Jim Crow
. "
(Ku Klux Klan)
From the African American Experience The Globe Book Company:
"Many Southerners bitterly resented the new state governments set up during
. Some joined secret societies like the KKK, whose purpose was to terrorize African Americans and prevent them from voting. Many African Americans who tried to vote were beaten. Some were
or murdered by mobs for suppose crimes. As Southern white men regained their right to vote, they replaced Reconstruction governments with ones made up of former supporters of the
Poll Tax
When it was used, it it taxed black people when black people tried to vote. If so, then the black people would also had the
literacy tests
for them to be able to vote. The
poll tax
is used to fee a person had to pay in order to vote; instituted in the South to prevent African Americans from voting. The poll tax is also 1 of the 5
state barriers
to voting by African Americans. The other 4 are the
Property Test
, the Literacy Test, the
Grandfather Test
, and
White Primary Elections
Black Codes
From the African American Experience The Globe Book Company:
Lincoln’s assassination
, his successor, VP Andrew Johnson from Tennessee, ran into trouble with the plan for Reconstruction. Powerful
attacked the plan as too generous to the South. The plan did, however, force the Southern states to ratify the 13th Amendment, banning slavery in the U.S. This is the 1st of 3 Reconstruction Amendments. As a reaction against the 13th Amendment and the Freedmen’s Bureau, many white Southerners passed the Black Codes in their states. These laws severely limited the rights of African Americans."
Black Codes
From the African American Experience The Globe Book Company:
"Earning a living in the ruined South turned out to be very difficult. Few former slaves could afford to buy land, and even if they could, whites would not sell it to them. Many states had laws that prohibited African Americans from owning land, and even if they could, whites wouldn’t sell it to them. Many states had laws that prohibited African Americans to survive."
From the African American Experience The Globe Book Company:
"At the end of the
Civil War
, newly freed African Americans were given the impression they would receive
“40 acres and a mule”
from the federal government, this would have enabled them to become
independent farmers
. Without land, they would be at the mercy of their farmer owners. Some African Americans did become landowners, but hopes of government help materialized. Gradually, a system of farm labor known as sharecropping developed."
From the African American Experience The Globe Book Company:
"Under this system, a family farmed a small plot of land belonging to another, in return for a share of the crop. Having little means of support until the harvest, the family bought supplies and groceries on credit, the promise to pay in the future. After the harvest, the landowner or storekeeper who was sometimes the same person, subtracted these growing debts from the money the family would receive from the sale of the crop. So little money was left that the family needed more credit to start again. As a result, sharecropping became a cycle of both poverty and debt."
By: "Lew" Sterling Jr.
Question: Explain how freedoms for African Americans were socially, politically, and economically limited from 1865 to 1900?

Your response should consist of at least three paragraphs including one paragraph for each of the following:
• social limitations
• political limitations
• economic limitations

You should also include at least one person, term, or event from the lesson in each paragraph.
The black codes were laws that created by white southerns, and the black codes were made so blacks can't either carry weaponry (guns) or vote. The black codes can't serve on several occasion. Some times when the black codes can't be served on juries, when testified in a court case that is against a white citizen, marriage, or even traveling without a permit. The black codes also taxed blacks who also wanted to accomplish occupations that are considered "non-agricultural".
The Freedmen’s Bureau

From the game Cytus
Giving Credit To:
The African American Experience
The Globe Book Company
(I recently took African American History.)

Also, credit to my African American History teacher, Mr. K. King.
is the separation, also known as an isolation, of some. Some things can be by race, economic class (or class in general), ethnic groups, special treatments (ex. gifted children in classes that are accelerating), observation, etc. One way the ways the South condemned the personals rights of African Americans was by keeping African Americans from voting (correction: African American men from voting). The women couldn’t start until 1920, which the general intention that they, meaning the African American women, didn’t get to vote in the South was actually because of the racially-charged state laws that were given, which then changed around the mid-1960's with the
Civil Rights Act
, which was a federal law that prevented
on the basis of sex as well as the race in hiring, promoting, and yes, as well as firing. Since segregation was defined to be “the separation by law or custom of racial groups on public transportation and in public facilities and residential areas”, they had a lot of serious things that African American people and whites can’t do together back then that we can do now. Some of the things were not to ride in the same passenger stations (seats in general), not to be cared at in the same hospital (health centers in general), and even one like African America people and white people can’t be buried in the same graveyards.
Ku Klux Klan
There was a group called the
Ku Klan Klan
(the KKK for short). The purpose of the KKK was to terrorize that African Americans as well as preventing the African Americans from voting and prevent from exercising their own new political powers. This group was made up of former
soldiers; others say that is was made by ex-Confederate soldiers and other Southerners. Some of the KKK's methods, which all of their methods were terrible since it involved destruction, were intimidating the voters, burning down the schools, and even destroying homes of both black citizens and white citizens who were considered "considerate" and/or "sympathetic".
<- The KKK logo
Fun Fact:
The name of the Ku Klux Klan was actually derived from the Greek word "kyklos", which means "circle." It also derived from the Scottish-Gaelic word "clan," which was probably chosen for the sake of an alliteration.

The Ku Klux Klan instead of the Ku Klux "Clan".
Posted : June 13th, 2014 at 10:59am

Title: Tenure Is Not the Problem

Sub-Title: Teacher protections are not why poor schools are failing. Segregation is.

Website: http://www.slate.com/articles/life/education/2014/06/vergara_v_california_the_court_s_decision_to_gut_teacher_tenure_will_not.single.html

Note: If you haven't read this article, then you should better read this article.
Black Codes
After the assassination of
16th President Abraham “The Great Emancipator” Lincoln
Andrew “The Tennessee Tailor” Jackson
, who was Abraham’s Vice President, became president. During Andrew Johnson’s presidency, he actually ran into some distress and trouble with the Reconstruction plan. Also, if anyone was wondering, “The Great Emancipator” was one of President Abraham Lincoln’s nicknames; his other nicknames were “Uncle Abraham”, “Old Abe”, “Honest Abe”, “The Rail-Splitter”, “Uncle Abe”, “Father Abraham”, “The Tycoon”, “Spotty Lincoln”, “The Ancient One”, “Illinois Rail Splitter”, and even “The Liberator” and “The Tennessee Tailor” was one of President Andrew Jackson’s nickname; his other nicknames were “Sir Veto”, “The Grim Presence”, and even the “Father of the Homestead Act.”
Black Codes
The black codes were some of the numerous laws that were ratified and enacted in the states of the previous
that was after the American Civil War, which occurred in 1865 and 1866. These laws were considered to be substituting the social controls of slavery that had been detached by the
Emancipation Proclamation
, which is Abraham Lincoln’s presidential proclamation that was issued January 1st, 1863, and the Thirteenth Amendment to the
, which was ratified in 1864, and were therefore intended to declare continuation of the
white supremacy
, a family farms a small portion of land that are belonging to another and in return is actually a
“share of the crop”
. By having a diminutive means of the general support until the harvest, the family purchased food and supplies on a
, which is the promise to pay in the future; you can pretty much think of it as a present-day credit card. After the harvest, the landowners would subtract the growing
from the money that the family would be receiving from the sales of the crops. So, with the little money that the family had left, the family would need more credit to start again. Therefore, sharecropping is just a cycle of both
, meaning poverty, and debt.
Having and earning a life in the ruined South pretty much turned out to be a challenging experience. There were less former slaves who could actually have enough money to purchase some acreage, which is an area of land. However, if the former slaves can actually afford the land, then the whites won’t sell the land to them. There are many states that had some laws that tabooed, which means to prohibited or restricted by a social custom, the African Americans from owning their own land. Many of the states also had some laws that actually proscribed, which means to be forbidden, denounced, or condemned, the African Americans to survive.
Towards the end of the Civil War, there were African Americans that were recently unfettered, meaning that they are newly freed, were given the impression that they would receive
“40 acres and a mule”
from the federal government. Which actually would have enabled the African Americans to become farmers who would be now autonomous, which would make them independent. If there is no land, then the African Americans would then be at the
, which means mercy and lenience, of their farmer owners. Some of the African Americans did actually become landowners, but there are hopes of the government will actually help out.
Anyways, to continue what I was saying, there were some powerful Republicans that were Congress who criticized the Reconstruction plan to be considered “too generous” towards the South. The
Reconstruction plan
actually did force the Southern states to approve the 13th Amendment, which banned slavery in the United States and is one of the
3 Reconstructions Amendments
, which the other two Amendments are the 14th and the 15th. With regards to both the 13th Amendment and the
Freedmen’s Bureau
, there were many white Southerners have passed the
Black Codes
in their states and these laws have limits towards the rights of the African Americans.
Black Codes
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