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Copy of Untitled Prezi

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Kara Guerry

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Where the Red Fern grows Billy Coleman- A ten year old boy who lives near the Ozark mountians in Oklahoma with his family and his two very special dogs. Main character The setting of the book is in the Ozark mountains in Oklahoma.

He hunts in the woods for coons with his dogs. Setting Conflicts Theme Summary Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy the book if you read it! Willson Rawls Minor characters Mama and Papa- Billy's mom and dad (names not mentioned). Big Dan- His larger dog who he hunts with and is very brave. Little Ann- His smaller dog who is sweet and smart who he also hunts with. Internal- When Billy needs to train his dogs to hunt coons he sets traps. At first his traps don't work but he has to learn to have patients because just when he is going to give up and take the traps down, he catches one. External- When Big Dan is attacked by a mountain lion, Billy has to save him from dying. Billy learns the joys and sorrows of growing older and maturing. Billy Coleman lives in the Ozark mountains with his family. His dream is to have two good hunting dogs to hunt coons. His family is very poor so they cannot afford the dogs. He wants them so badly that over the summer he works very hard to earn money to buy them. Finally when he gets enough money, he orders the dogs. He then goes to town to pick up his new companions, on the way back he learns the personality of his dogs and names them Big Dan and Little Ann. In the fall he trains them to hunt, when his dogs are trained and ready, he enters into a coon hunt competition with his father and grand father. After the competition (read to find the result) he still hunts with his dogs, one night his dogs signal that they have treed a coon, when Billy goes over to the tree he hears the blood curling scream of a mountain lion!
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