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Untitled Prezi

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Kyle Schulenborg

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Obstacle 1
Obstacle 2
Obstacle 3
Little did I know after "walking" into this digital landscape what adventure this semester would bring.....
I tackled this beast of a project with great confidence.
My eyes quickly adjusted to a new world around me. Never had I looked at an image and thought, "Why?"
A simple movie about a fish became something
From the readings I began noticing
something new.
I began taking in the subtleties of color and I noticed that these colors changed the way I felt.
And the more I read about image composition, and the stylization of lines, and how illustrations don't just appear by happenstance, the more I began to see master craftsman behind the image.
In my quest for greater visual literacy,
I came across many imposters.
I equiped myself with the tools to
critically analyze images.
This class showed me that not always are those taking pictures behind the camera altruistic in their intentions. It often takes careful sleuthing to discover
their motives. I began
asking "thick" questions
such as.....
Who are they trying to convince?
And is this image telling the whole story?
What was so exciting about this class was my ability to partner with my students
in this adventure.
Our climb to greater heights of critical analysis culminated in our comparison of graphic novels and picture books.
I just could not get a grip on timing. It was a challenge finding the time in a day to incorporate
a close review of images into writing.
The Adventures of 665
The Boss:
Digital Literacy Monster
The juxaposition of flurescent light to grey tones of deathly flesh created a
sense of impeding doom precisely because
someone meant it to.
A major challenge and the biggest disconnect for me was bridging the gap between seeing an image and leading students to critically examine it.
Such critical analysis was a hard skill to teach. This was something I did not scaffold very well the first go around.
Little-by-little, we made some progress.
Students learned to think critically about
the visual medium I presented to them.
With the help of concept mapping, I was able
to chart the trail I was to take to reach my goal.
This concept map gave clear direction
through each of the required steps. The ultimate
aim was to impart on students a greater
appreciation and understanding of the visual
I learned to base my lesson on the new Core standards. This in turn gave direction..
Common Core
to all the work done in class.
I grew professionally in how
I was able to transfer this
knowledge to students.
Hands on work with a
number of carefully chosen
illustrations opened great
windows of discussion.

We started simple.
Students flourished discussing color composition, body language, and other facets used to tell the story.
And their work comparing illustrations
across mediums further enlivened classroom
In small and large groups, we increased our understanding and abilities to decipher more and more complicated images.
With a new year I plan to give students additional exposures to illustrations. Such embedding of daily analysis will surely result in explosions of confidence that will reverberate across the classroom for years to come.
The End.
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