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Lois Lowry

No description

Alex Zad

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Lois Lowry

Birth Date: March 20, 1937

Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii

Current Residence: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Lois Lowry is an outstanding author with over 40 books! She loves her grandchildren and enjoys writing. When she was little, she traveled a lot because her father was in the Navy. Lowry went to Japan, New York, and more as a child.
Lois Lowry Introduction
Book List
The Giver is a dystopian futuristic novel. This book is one out of Lois Lowry's series, and takes place in the future. In December, each twelve year old is given a "life assignment" made by the Elders. Jonas watches his friends be assigned their tasks. Fiona is the Caretaker of the Old. Asher is the Assistant Director of Recreation. Jonas is assigned something unique. Jonas goes to the Giver, and there he learns about the dark secrets of his community.
Interesting Facts
reads to her grandchildren
was observant as a child due to her travels
was shy as a child due to changing location often
father- Norwegian
graduated from Maine University
By: Alex Zadorozny
Lois Lowry
This historical fiction novel follows the life of Annemarie, a ten year old who is starting to witness some changes in her community. Eventually, nazis start to take over her town. Her and her friend, Ellen, think about war frequently. Soon, she moves in with Ellen, pretending to be apart of her family. Though she is safe for now, her life is still threatened.
Ten year old Anatasia is growing up. She falls in love, and has some good times. On the other hand, she just found out about a new baby brother!

I have chosen this book to read because I enjoy reading books about little girls, and their adventures. I used to love reading the Ramona and Beezus series, the Junie B. Jones series, and more.
In this Newberry Medal winning book, Lois Lowry does an outstanding job in portraying this story. Kira lives in a world where the weak are not needed, and not nearly as important as others. She is apart of the weak, with a twisted leg, and she is trying to find her way around. When she is given a task, she starts discovering some secrets about her world.
Gooney Bird Greene is an interesting little second grader. Even though she may seem harmless, she is a little troublemaker. She likes to tell everyone her completely "true" stories of mischief. Follow Gooney Bird Greene and her unique sense of style in this fascinating.
In this interesting novel, it follows Littlest, a girl with big dreams. She is on a mission to help out John, a boy with a abusive past. All while trying to push away the nightmares that make up John.
Katy Thatcher, a smart young daughter of the town doctor, knew from the begininng she wanted to be a doctor. Well, ever since she started loving her father's work. She starts to befriend a boy, Jacob, who barely even talks.
Meg has just moved to a small country town with her sister. Unfortunately, they have to share a room together. Her older sister Molly, is fitting in perfectly. She is becoming annoying though. When Molly is rushed to the hospital, does Meg change her feelings about her older sister?
Sam is the younger brother of Anastasia Krupnik, which means he is a trouble maker, too. Sam loves coming up with new things, so for his mother's day present, he makes a new perfume. After all, his mother has repeated on how she loves homeade presents! See Sam go through tough, and fun times in Lois Lowry's book, Attaboy, Sam!
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